Thursday, June 25, 2009

Daily Essentials

my daily essentials


I promise a more substantive post soon. My laptop died and the computer I'm using now is a 7 year old Dell desktop. It's ssslllooowww (and very painful to use for an impatient person). I bought a Mac and will be picking it up on Saturday. I've never used a Mac before and I'm a little worried about how easy (or not) it will be for me to navigate. I've got to reinstall a lot of my programs and they weren't able to transfer my emails or address book to the Mac. Bummer. (I'll eventually recover them using this dinosaur of a PC.)

Happy Friday!


worthy said...

Sorry to hear about your computer problems, my son Johnny has a Mac and he loves it - says he'd never go back to a pc.
I love the daily essentials pic - especially the largest bottle!!

Hope said...

I think I need to follow your lead and get myself some daily essentials.;) Computers aren't my favorite subject either, but mine has some life left.

Have a great weekend!

Marcie said...

Hope you like your Mac! I used one at work a few years ago and it was so easy. Very user friendly. I've heard that Mac users will never go back to a PC.

The Marangella Family said...

Ann, you should be at my house -- I made what I refer to as a "bucket" of sangria this week using a Spanish friend's recipe. On that score it's been a GREAT week!

Michele said the Mac was the best decision you ever made :)!

Melisande said...

You'll love your Mac!

Rachel Tenpenny Crawford said...

I found your blog on the design girl website. I am having my blog redone. I liked how yours looks. I browsed through and saw this post and chuckled. For me it is tea, chocolate, and a glass of wine! I needed a laugh today. Thanks! Read my blog if you like and find out why.
Blessings to you and your family.