Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sunday Walk

Notwithstanding the fact that the temps reached 110 degrees today, I decided Jack needed to get out of the house, so we went for a walk. (don't worry, it wasn't quite 110 when we went for our walk.) Eric decided to go along with us.

Sweaty kid

Destination .... McDonalds!
(hence the reason Eric came with us)

Along our walk, Eric picked up a handful of seed pods that had fallen from the trees in our neighborhood. He made the comment that "this is probably a prehistoric seed pod from 1985".


We've got a lot going on this week. At least it seems like a lot to me. I realize that my "a lot" might not seem like any more than most people who have kids deal with on a regular basis. My biggest stress is balancing my a lot with my job. Work doesn't ever seem to slow down (which is all good in this economy) and because of the nature of my work, for every hour I miss doing my a lot, I have to make it up somewhere along the way. There is no time to catch my breath!

My week consists of:

Monday: Mary gets all four wisdom teeth pulled (at 6:15 am). Mary is a bit of a wimp, so it looks to be a long day tomorrow and probably a long week (thank God for Kristi -- she will help "nurse" Mary).

Tuesday: Meeting with Jack's DDD support coordinator and vent dependent program coordinator.

Wednesday: Doctor's appointment for Hilary to get the health form filled out for college and my mom has a biopsy of the "area of concern" in her brain - with an overnight hospital stay.

Thursday: Nothing (that I'm aware of)

Friday: July 4th Holiday, but I'll be going into the office to make up the hours I missed this week!

That's my week in a nutshell. Hope you all have a great week with NOT a lot to do :)


This is my first post with my new Mac. So far, so good on figuring out the Mac. My biggest issue is wading through all the files they transferred from my old PC hard drive to the Mac.


worthy said...

So 1985 is prehistoric eh? no wonder I feel so old, I was bopping in the discos in 1985!
Good luck with all the appointments this week, the last couple of weeks has been a bit busy for us, appointment wise. another 3 weeks till the little darlings finish for the summer Aaahh...

Cindy said...

but it's a dry heat....

Anonymous said...

I think any day with a little extra thrown in is a busy day. I hope Mary does well. Breanna is also scheduled for that at the end of July. I am not looking forward to it.
Hope you find some time to relax.


Anonymous said...

I am tired just from reading about your upcoming week. I hope that you do get to take a breather at some point this week.

Hope said...

1985 huh? What does that make me? Try to find time for your daily essentials;)

ssouth said...

Eric and Ben are peas in a pod. We have to get those precocious two together one day.

Kelsey Musselman said...

I just hope 1985 isn't prehistoric because that means at just under 20 I'm pretty dang close to being prehistoric... how scary!