Thursday, September 03, 2009

Chugging Along

I suck. I promised more regular updates and I've not come through.  For those who continue to check in on us, I apologize.  As a blog stalker myself, I know how disappointing it is to check in for updates and see the same old post day after day.

I've been working on a "blog thought" the last few days, but I'm struggling to finish it.  Ironic, since it's about my "struggles".  In an effort to increase my hours of beauty sleep (because God knows I could use it), I'm making a real effort to get to bed before 11pm on week nights, which really cuts into my blogging time.  I promise a post worth reading (well, I suppose you'll have to decide that) by the end of the weekend.

Life continues to uneventfully chug along.  You know, same $#$^, different day.  Not that I'm complaining, because I'm not.

Enjoy your Labor Day weekend and think of Jack if you happen to tune in to the Jerry Lewis telethon.

Thanks for checking in.  I really mean that!

It's 10:45pm .... 15 minutes before I turn into a pumpkin! Gotta go :)


worthy said...

Hope you get a good night's sleep Ann xx

Dana said...

How's Hillary doing?

Have a good weekend yourself.:)

Not to worry about updates---we're still here.

Anne said...

You know, I have watched the Jerry Lewis telethon since I was a little girl. Now it takes on a whole new meaning, now that I know Jack and have dealt with and ALS.

Alicia said...

I'll keep coming back until you tell me not to, new post or not! ;)

I'll be thinking of Jack, Laneah, Noel, and all the other CMD and MD sweeties out there this weekend.

Have a great one!