Monday, September 28, 2009

Weekend Getaway

I had the privilege of spending this last weekend in Denver/Estes Park, Colorado with two very special friends. We found each other through the message board and our blogs and have been in touch via phone, email and blogs for the last year or so.  We finally decided it was time to meet each other in person, so Karen (from Maryland) and I headed to Denver to spend this past weekend with Jen.  Unfortunately, Jen was very sick and wasn't able to get away with us to Estes Park.  But, it was a nice weekend spending time with Karen and just relaxing and taking in the Fall colors of the Colorado Rockies.  The weather was perfect!

Jen lent us her car for the drive to Estes Park. When we returned her car on Sunday, we were able to spend some time with Jen.  Faith was sick too, so I only got a short peek of her, but she did flash me a big, beautiful smile before she fell asleep.  We also got to meet Jen's husband and Faith's daddy, Brian.  It was a great weekend and we are sorry that Jen was too sick to spend it with us, but one can never plan when they are going to get sick!

Me, Jen and Karen
(Jen wore a mask the whole time except for this picture - she was so worried she would get us sick).

And this picture is for Karen .... we finally got the freaking rock cracked.  Eric was disappointed that there wasn't a precious stone inside that would earn him millions! :)

(this was a geode I brought Eric back from Colorado)

It's back to the grindstone this week, but it's a short week for me.  Mary and I leave on Friday for Rochester, NY to visit Hilary for the weekend.  For someone who hates to fly, I'm doing a heck of lot of it lately.  All I can think of when I'm on the plane is "H1N1"  Eeekkk!!


Vicki said...

I was the same way about H1N1 on my trip East! There's been a lot of it as well as the regular flu on the military bases, I found myself using the antiseptic lotion and trying to be extra careful about washing up and not touching my face! Safe flying!

worthy said...

Glad you had a great weekend, such a shame jen was sick and had to miss out on most of it. the pics look great, what a beautiful place. enjoy your week and have a safe flight!

Alicia said...

So glad you had a good trip and enjoyed our beautiful Colorado Fall.

I was bummed to not be able to meet you this weekend. I was also bummed to hear how sick Jen was. We'll meet someday!

Susan said...

Love the beautiful birch tree pics. Have a great trip to see Hilary!