Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Happy Birthday Jack

Eleven years ago today, Jack and I began our journey down a road on which I spent many years desperately searching for a U-Turn.  I never found that U-Turn, but I discovered so much more along the way: courage, hope, patience, perseverance, acceptance and abounding friendships.  What a privilege it is to be Jack's mom.  Happy Birthday Buddy!


Email post is below.


worthy said...

Happy birthday darling Jack and well done to your fantastic mom (and the rest of the team) for 11wonderful years!

Very interesting emails Ann, it gives a good picture of your life with Jack xxxx

Stefano and Christina said...

happy birthday Jack!!

Katie said...

Happy Birthday Jack!!!!!

Rachel said...

Happy Birthday, Jack! 11 years, wow. What an inspiration you and your mom are!!!

Anonymous said...

Another Happy Birthday to You, Jack!! Keep smiling!
Kristy (& Nathan)

Susan said...

Happy Birthday Jack! You guys look great in that picture.

Faith said...

Happy, HAPPY Birthday Jack! You've reached more in your 11 years then most people in a lifetime. If you were not who you are today, we would not be who we are thanks to you and your beauitful mom.

We love you!
Jen, Brian and Faith