Friday, August 06, 2010

And . . .

To answer Christy's questions, I used Picnik to make the collage with Eric and the California letters. It's a great, inexpensive program that you can have a lot of fun with. 

As for the glasses, I'm pretty much a full time glasses wearer now (another fallout from getting older).  I used to wear contacts for distance, but have to wear readers at work to see my computer and what I'm working on. The combination of wearing contacts and readers all day long put too much strain on my eyes.  So, I've decided to ditch the contacts, wear glasses for distance and take my glasses off when I'm doing close up work. I even have prescription sunglasses now. How sad is that?!

So there you go, more than you wanted to know about my new glasses!

Happy Friday friends. :)


worthy said...

I have prescription sunglasses too! I mean, you can't drive without them. i find I'm really sensitive to the sun these days. I only wear glasses for distance too and just take them off to read. :D

Ann said...

Julie - you are my soul sister! Love ya'.