Wednesday, January 26, 2011

That Time of Year Again

The running club at Eric's school is off and "running".  Today was Eric's first race of the season (they only have three or four races total, so it's not much of a season).  He did well, kept a good pace and finished with a positive attitude!  There were hundreds of kids participating in the race and at least that many parents cheering their kids on, so it was hard to get pictures of Eric, but I was able to snap a few with my telephoto lens. The weather was perfect for race day - sunny and in the mid-70s (that's for all my friends suffering with snow right now :) 


and he is off ...

about half way to the finish line 

Hi-ya mom

 after crossing the finish line

enough already mom!

team shirt

Thanks for checking in.  All is well at the Ranch .... wishing the same for all of you.


worthy said...

Well done Eric! Glad to read all is well xx

Anonymous said...

He soooo cute! Great job! I'm glad to hear things are quiet because it means Jack is okay.

Christy said...

I LOVE that he is in a running club! So great to see he's still interested in it. And yes, so jealous of your weather! We got some freezing rain and snow (VERY little snow) and they had a 2-hour delay for school. Ridiculous!

Glad that all is well there!

Susan said...

He really loves to run doesn't he?! Arian was running all the time because his school has a running program and they get a little plastic foot token for every mile they run. I guess the novelty wore off. I wish he was still doing it. It looks like Eric is really enjoying himself and trying really hard. It's great!