Tuesday, September 05, 2006

I really didn't need to know

I spoke with Jack's local orthopedic surgeon today because he will be doing the follow-up x-rays and sending them off to the ortho in St. Louis. I told him about the surgery, the complications, the recovery plan and what is going on with Jack as of now. His words were "sounds like they threw the whole kitchen sink at him". He went on to tell me that he doesn't use screws with his neuromuscular kids -- he uses wires (sounds so much more tolerable) nor would he have braced Jack - which means that Jack would be able to sit up by now if we'd had the surgery done here. When I mentioned about the traction they put Jack in to do the surgery -- he acknowedged that "some places still do that". Guess he doesn't "rack-um" either. It never really occurred to me that there would be completely different operations/approaches to solving Jack's scoliosis problem. I guess it's shame on me for not asking enough questions. Not sure I needed to know the information I got today. At the end of the day, if Jack "survives" this whole recovery period and can sit up in his chair at the end of six months, it won't matter. If he can't, well ... I won't even go there yet. I do have to say I so much prefer the personality of the surgeon here in Phoenix and when I told him that we're not going back to St. Louis, he said, jokingly ... "so, I get him by default". I guess he does! Fortunately, he is a very easy going guy with no arrogance about him.

Jack is back to getting his OT this week and he is very glad to be doing his "work" again according to his therapist. We're counting the days until we can be done with the IV vanc and get the broviac out. We will probably get Jack out of bed sometime this week to give him a change of scenery.

Have a good evening and thanks for checking in.


Anonymous said...

Ann -

I just want to give you a virtual hug! These decisions aren't easy, and hindsight......

I'm glad to see that Jack is doing well and looking forward to his PT.

- betty

julie worthington said...

Oh Ann, sending lots of cyber hugs across the pond. Its amazing how differently lots of surgeons operate, even with 'simple' procedures. Glad Jack is feeling happier and enjoying his therapy.

Love Julie

Cindy said...

There's a lot of difference of opinion in orthopedics. You could talk to several different doctors and get a lot of different answers. There's really no magic way to know which approach is best and more importantly, which would work best for Jack. Had you stayed in Phoenix, you might be wishing you had gone to St. Louis... Hang in there Ann!

Anonymous said...

p.s. love the last pic of Jack, how nice to see he is smiling~~

Melisande said...


You can always second guess yourself. And, I know WE do! You did what you felt was best at the time and I cannot blame you. It certainly wasn't an easy decision and even more difficult to live through, so go easy on yourself. (Ha! That's easy to say!) Good to know you have someone who you can follow up with that is a better fit for you!

Thanks for keeping the blog up and keeping us posted on Jack's (and your) progress. We love you, Ann, and Jack and everyone else.

Donovan just signed ice cream for the first time just now! Wow! He does well with food signs!