Saturday, September 09, 2006


Sorry for the break in updates. Nothing really exciting going on ... which is a good thing. I did email a picture of Jack's back showing the bumps sticking out to his ortho in St. Louis. He emailed me back saying that he reviewed Jack's x-rays and the picture and he thinks it's probably Jack's spinous processes (you'll have to google that if you want to know what it is :-), but it could be the spinal implants - although less likely. He wants us to see our local ortho to have it checked out (and then what???) We have an appointment in October with our local ortho and I don't really see any urgency in having it looked at sooner. The ortho also pointed out that we need to make sure he doesn't get pressure sores on those areas because as he says "if the spine implants are becoming prominent as the swelling subsides and the skin would breakdown the implants would become infected. We both know what that would mean for Jack." Yikes! Guess we'll have to watch those areas very closely. I do not want any more complications!

I got a call first thing this morning from Apria telling me they got the labs back and Jack's blood sugar is "critically" low. The woman asked me how he was doing. I wanted to say "oh my gosh, just terrible, he is flat on his back in bed and hooked up to life support". But, I didn't think she'd find the humor in it! I just got a call from our pediatrician's office and, of course, our doc isn't in this weekend and the guy who called hasn't a clue what is going on or why they are drawing the labs. He said there could be a lot of reasons for low blood sugar. I told him Jack was fine and he was okay with that answer. He also said Jack's vanc levels are now a little low. I asked about some other numbers that were elevated last time that are indicative of an infection. They are higher than last week. Ugh! He suggested I call the ID docs in St. Louis and give them this information. Yeah, right ... I'll get the on-call doc who likewise won't have a clue what is going on and will wonder why I am calling St.Louis when I live in Phoenix. It's not worth the hassle and it's unlikely they'd do anything with the information on a weekend. Our regular ped will be in on Monday, we'll see what he has to say, but I suspect there will be changes to his vanc dosage and who knows what else next week.

Not much else going on here. Mary is at Irish dance practice, Mark is out running errands, Hilary is on the computer, Eric is harrassing the dog and Jack is watching videos. My house is a disaster, but I just have no energy to clean. I am definitely in need of a swift kick in the pants to get me motivated to get up and move.

Hope you all are having a nice weekend!

*Cindy ... I crave "normal" :-)


Anonymous said...

I'll kick you if you kick me :)


Anonymous said...

I could use the kick in the pants, too. I bet my house is just as bad.

I am continuing to pray for Jack and hope you get better answers on Monday. I could just picture your phone call with the ID on call dr in St Louis. I think it would be a frustrating call.

Hugs, Sandra

Hugs, Sandra

Mom2twinsplus1--Lori said...

Hey Ann, could the vanc and him being sick in general be causing the low blood sugar? Emma has never had an issue until she was put on vanc (and has a severe allergic reaction to it) and it took almost a week of insulin drip to get her better after they stopped it.

I will pray for Jack as always. I hope things start to brighten up for him.

Janet Sartori said...

Oh Ann my love!!! My wish is for an incredibly boring change in labs, nor vanco levels, no new bumps, spinal processes or lumps of any kind. Just silly smiles and drooling of the kind that makes you want to drink another glass of wine and join Jack in the "drool" fest! I can't wait for Cars and Over the Hedge to come out on DVD...those will definately be a Jack favorite!!!

I wish you would have told that nurse how critically low the blood sugar issue was considering all the other "issues" Jack has...I wonder how quickly she would have been calling docs or even the paramedics out to the house.

Got your letter last was a wonderful little note. Thanks my dear. I STILL have not mailed your package...but I have more incentive now...I've got three others to mail this week. Can't avoid the P.O. now.

My sweet Ann you are doing beautifully considering the amount of consolidated feces that has been throw at Jack's and your direction this past several weeks. And if it happens that San Diego does call to your heart on one early Friday morning and you come up missing...Would the world stop???? Hmmm, something to think about!

julie worthington said...

Hope the doctor is some help today. Big hug for jack and you.

Love Julie

Anonymous said...


You'll get the motivation you need to clean your house soon. In the mean time remember that people are more important than having a clean house. Take good care of yourself.