Sunday, September 24, 2006

Lazy Sunday

Not too much excitement going on at the Schrooten house, which is always a good thing. Jack is doing well and is through with the IV Vanc. The plan when we left St. Louis was to follow-up the 6 week course of Vanc with 11 months of an oral antibiotic. However, since a specific source of infection was never identified, since his bandemia and other indications of infection were on their way down before we even (reluctantly) agreed to put in the broviac and because we don't have the orthopedic docs "in our face" forcing us to put him on antibiotics, we've decided to forego the prophylatic oral antibiotics. This decision isn't made easily and, if we are wrong and there is an infection in his hardware, I suspect something should show up soon that would let us know. However, I'm very comfortable with the decision. As far as getting the broviac out, I'm going to call this week and try and get something scheduled for about a month out. My biggest stressor is making sure when he goes back to the operating room to have the broviac removed that everyone in the room understands that they can't just pick him up and move him to the table, that he must be moved in a specific way and handled very carefully. I figure the only way I'll get them to listen to me is to bring his post-spinal fusion x-rays. That should do it, don't you think? I know Jack isn't breakable, but I've got to believe there is a reason the ortho in St. Louis wants him flat on his back for 6 months. I'm already stressed out about this and I haven't even met the surgeon yet. I so want to be through with doctors and medical stuff!

My latest challenge has been with the school district which is not timely providing Jack with the services he is entitled to under his IEP. I'm sending off a complaint to the Department of Education tomorrow. I really don't have the time or energy to deal with this kind of thing, but it's not fair to Jack to ignore it and it's wrong for the school district to get away with it. I do tire of always having to advocate ... wouldn't it be nice if people would just do what they are supposed to?

I posted a few pictures of the kids doing what they do on a lazy Sunday. Jack hanging out on the couch watching the Rams-Cardinals football game, Mary reading a book, Hilary on the computer and Eric stuffing his face with Cheetos (and why is my kid eating Cheetos in a white shirt???). Time for me to start the laundry.

Have a great week.


julie worthington said...

So glad to hear you had an uneventful weekend, we like 'em that way!

Hope you get what you need from the school board, it would make our lives that little bit easier if they would just do what they are supposed to.

Hugs to you all

Melisande said...

Good to see a little relaxing at your house!

Oh, the school system. Don't get me started!

I'm glad things are going well.