Monday, July 23, 2007

First Day of School

Eric made it through his first day of Kindergarten and Mary made it through her first day of high school. Eric was fine heading off to school ... Mary was a nervous wreck! However, Mary said she had fun and is looking forward to tomorrow. Hilary is a junior in high school, so today was not a big deal for her and Jack ... well, he slept through the first day of school morning jitters! I decided to stick to my resolution to "simplify" and, therefore, did not put Eric in the gifted program this year. I think he'll do fine where he is at, afterall ... it's only Kindergarten.

Here are some pictures:

Dressed and ready to go...

Watching a little TV before school

Walking to school (how fun it was to walk with Eric to school this morning)

Sitting at his desk

At the end of the day ....

Before we left for school


Pat Killen said...

The kids kook great! Can't believe it is back to school time already.
Where did the summer go? Time flies when it's 120 degrees!


Anonymous said...

Eric looks so proud. What a cutie.
Mary is beautiful as always.
Good idea about simplifying. Anything to make life just a touch easier.

Anonymous said...

sounds like a good day all around:)
the kids are beautiful!!
xo christina