Thursday, July 19, 2007


. . . I went to the funeral of my brother-in-law's grandmother. Not really an emotionally healthy thing to do when your own mother has brain cancer. My mom had her first radiation treatment today and she took her first chemo pills (Temedor) at 9:30 tonight. I'm sick to my stomach wondering how she is feeling right now, just over an hour after she took her poison pills. I think I'll probably be awake most the night wondering and worrying about her.

On a "happier" note, I got a call at 6pm tonight telling me that Eric qualified for the gifted Kindergarten program. Only problem, we had just walked in the door from "meet the teacher" night at our home school because I figured since I hadn't heard anything, he didn't qualify. The gifted Kindergarten is at a different school and they don't bus the kids. So, if I want Eric in the gifted program, I have one day (Friday) to get everything changed from our home school to the other school and figure out where he can go after school until Mark can pick him up after work. Not as big a deal as a brain tumor, but something else to deal with, nevertheless. So much for simplifying. To be honest, I'm leaning towards skipping the gifted program at this point.

On a truly happy note ... Jack continues to be amazingly healthy and boring. Life does have a way of balancing things out so that you only get as much as you can handle .... ya' think?

Some pictures from this week:

Jack enjoying my beer

My little entomologist studying away

Did I tell you Mary was home?


julie worthington said...

I can only hope and pray that all goes well for your mom Ann, it is an awful thing to have to deal with.
Good luck with your decision about which school to send Eric too. Which school do you think would serve him best? Would he be happy in the gifted program? or bored in the regular school - a tough one.
I can totally relate to the clothes on the floor - Jonathan is home from Uni too and I keep falling over socks - everywhere!
Good that Jack's being boring :)


Cindy said...

Life does have a way of balancing things out so that you only get as much as you can handle .... ya' think?
Well, I think I'd have to disagree with this one. I find that things seem to happen all at once and some times it's too much to handle. Then when it's quiet we find we are just waiting for the next crisis. Oh well, I love the photo of Mary's room.

Pat Killen said...

Just want you to know that I do check in and see how all of you are doing. I am guilty of not always posting but please know you and your entire family are in our thoughts and prayers.
Hang in there....

Anonymous said...

Hi there, happened to chance upon Jack's blog. I understand perfectly your fear, concern, frustration, agony, pain, feelings of anxiety, and of course the love you have for Jack and how you hated it when someone said she admires your strength ....cos my daughter who was born prematurely underwent tracheostomy at week 38 and was discharged from NICU with respiratory support equipment. Though she was decannulated last Nov, she still has a tiny hole which cannot be closed up yet as according to the ENT surgeon. She is still seeing speech/feeding and OT therapists to-date. Sometimes I feel that I am emotionally drenched but yet have to be strong for her. She is scheduled for a minor eye surgery next Thursday, 26 Jul for Entropion. Something that I didn't expect but it happen. Just want to share my experience with you. We'll cheer for each other. GOD bless all of us. Hope my visit here brighten your day.

Emily from Singapore.