Sunday, July 22, 2007

Weekend Pics

Sorry guys, I know my writings are really lame these days. I haven't had any moments of enlightenment or compulsion to sit down at my computer and write from the heart. I'm not sure why, but I hope it's only temporary or I'll be losing my audience soon!

My mom got a "get out of jail" card this weekend and was able to spend some time at home yesterday and at my sister's this afternoon. She is scheduled to be released for good sometime this week.

Weekend pics:

Three beauties and the beast
Shannon (niece), Mary, Kelsey (niece) and the Beast aka Eric

Jack and Eric watching a movie together

My mom and dad (it's almost as difficult to get the old folks to smile and say cheese at the same time as it is the kids :-)

Btw, my dad's shirt says "Living with an Irish woman builds tolerance" (I'm sure Mark and my sisters' husbands would agree!)

Have a great week and thank you for checking in on us.


Anonymous said...

you won't lose me:) I'm glad things are quieting down...I hope you enjoy your last moments of summer vacation before the craziness of school schedules set in. You deserve a break too, even if it's from writing a little bit.
that's great your mom is home now.
xo christina

Anonymous said...

oops.. WAITING for your mom to come home!!

Anonymous said...

Glad things seem to be looking up! Looks like everyone had a nice weekend. Jack looks so great! He looks better than me that is for sure :-)

melisande said...

Glad to hear all is quite...this is good to hear too, Ann. Take care!!

Anonymous said...

If I was having your life, I'd be lucky to make it to the toilet, much less sit down and crank out deep thoughts and inspirations.

I'm up to my eyeballs in work stuff but I check in on you often, and you, your Mom, your family, you're always in my thoughts. I'm so scared for you over the next few months, and you're always the one that has to hold things together, I know how EXHAUSTING that is. If you ever just wanna have someone to yell to about what a crappy situation it is, call me. Sadly, I'm usually awake and rarely far from the phone.

Hang in there, Ann!