Monday, October 22, 2007


We met with the radiation oncologist today. I rescheduled Friday's appointment because they scheduled us for 2pm and I couldn't force myself to face Friday afternoon traffic from downtown Phoenix back home. You can see where my priorities are. My sanity versus Jack's well-being. However, I'd like to believe that Jack's well-being is directly related to my sanity :-)

We saw one of the younger doctors in the group and he came in with his PubMed articles in hand and told me that I forced him to do his research. He briefly went over what the research said and the pros/cons and alternative treatments. When it was all said and done, there wasn't anything he told me that I didn't already know or we hadn't already tried. He was totally on the same page as me and agreed that this was an appropriate option for Jack. He had even called an ENT to discuss this with and to get his opinion. I really appreciated the fact that this guy did his research. Jack has a CT scan scheduled for Wednesday and then the one-time radiation to the upper and lower salivary glands on one side will probably be done next week. Since this is the procedure of last resort, I just hope it gets the job done.

Things have been quiet around here and that is a good thing. Not much happening, except for a certain little boy's recent loss:

of a tooth!

Have a great week.


julie said...

it's good to know you're all in agreement. I hope it goes well for Jack.

Sorry about the first tooth - did the tooth fairy come?

kristy said...

I hope Jack's procedure is uneventful and successful. I like the tooth picture--what a big boy!

Anonymous said...

i believe this young doc will learn alot from Jack and his mama!!
xo christina

Christamae Zimpel said...

I have been following your site for awhile. Jack is an awesome kid. I love that smile and it shows what patience and optimism he has. Me, my sister, and mom all have Congenital Muscular Dystrophy of varying severity.

I am glad this appointment went well. It is always a relief when you don't have to fight for treatments that you know you need. I hope it helps Jack.

Take care,
Ones Who Care

Melisande said...


Good news for your appt with Jack. It should be uneventful, we hope!

Has Eric learned to whistle through his tooth yet?