Thursday, October 11, 2007

San Diego Fun

Free internet at the Del ..... (yay!)

Today we took a ferry ride from Coronado to the mainland and then walked around Seaport Village. After we got back to the hotel -- while Jack rested, Mary, Eric and I went down to the ocean. We plan on taking Jack down to the ocean tomorrow. There are a lot of logistics involved with getting him down there -- we are borrowing a special wheelchair from the lifeguard station that works on sand. We have a full day planned tomorrow. It's a lot of work and takes twice as long to do everything with Jack -- but, it's so worth it and we are all having fun. Thanks for checking in. I took a ton of pictures today, here are a few.

"Mary Ann and Gilligan"

After being wiped out by a wave - clothes wet and full of sand!

We had a really neat "encounter" yesterday. As we were walking past the main entrance to the hotel on our way to find a place to eat, this older gentleman stopped us and asked if he could say "hi" to Jack. He looked Jack in the eyes and talked to him for a few seconds -- telling him what a special kid he was. It was so refreshing to encounter a person who took the time to acknowledge Jack as a person, rather than look away -- which is what most people do. How cool is that?

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julie worthy said...

Thanks for taking the time to show us your pics Ann. I hope Jack can enjoy the sand a little, good luck getting him onto the beach - I know it is hard, but it will be worth it, Sam loved the beach this summer.
What a lovely old guy! That brought tears to my eyes, I wish there were more people like that.