Monday, October 29, 2007

No Go

Jack's radiation procedure was a no go today. After scrambling and getting all of Jack's morning care, including a shower, done so we could get there by 10am - we were told that we were supposed to be there tomorrow -- which is absolutely not true. I have a full day of appointments at work tomorrow and I would not have scheduled the appointment for Tuesday. When they called last week and told me I could come on Friday, I told them I could not, so we scheduled for Monday instead. After I told them I would never have scheduled the appointment for Tuesday because of my work schedule, they then told me "well, the machine is down anyway". I was angry to the point of tears. I missed a half day of work and accomplished nothing. Work is out of control busy and I really didn't have a half a day to waste. It just infuriates me. I told them I'd call and reschedule once I got back to work and could look at my schedule. It will take me several days to cool off enough to call them. It won't be this week and probably not next week either. Jack has an appointment with his pulmonologist next week just because. He's not sick and there is no reason he needs to be seen. But, if I don't take him in, the guy won't refill his prescriptions. So, I'll miss yet another half day of work just because! One of the most stressful parts of being the parent of a kid with a plethora of medical issues is all the appointments and missed work. The hours I am not at work have to be made up somewhere and it's usually late nights and weekends. Eric has a well-check with the pediatrician on Thursday that I'm now going to reschedule ... for the second time. I just can't seem to get a handle on the whole full-time working mom of four children one of whom is medically involved thing! Tomorrow is bound to be a better day ..........

I'll leave you with a picture of Eric's idea of home decorating

(please disregard all the dust on the wall and ledge -- dust is another one of those things I can't get a handle on!)


Melisande said...

Yeah, trying to work and take care of a kid with medical needs...It is the story of our lives!!!!!!!!!


Good thing for Eric no one is too scared of bugs! Eric would have a blast with my nurse who is deathly afraid of spiders!

julie w said...

That really sucks that they messed up. I really don't know how you find the time to work Ann, I think you need to have a very flexible, understanding employer when you need to take time off for appointments.

Liked the spider - and I couldn't see any dust!


kristy said...

What a pain!! I can't believe they tried to blame the "mistake" on you! Oh, the joys of scheduling our children's appointments and working fulltime. I hope things settle down soon.

The spider is a classic. Nathan is into centipedes--likes to smack me in the head with large plastic ones! Boys and bugs...

Your dust is invisible to my eyes!

I hope tomorrow is better:)

Anonymous said...

Crap. Crap. Crap.