Sunday, October 14, 2007

We are home

It feels like we were gone for several weeks instead of several days. We had a wonderful time together as a family and while I don't want to diminish the great experience, I will tell you that it's just not the same when you can't say "come on kids, let's get in the car and go ..." Not when it takes two hours to get Jack up, ready, and in the car to go anywhere. The last time we went on a family vacation, Jack was still in a stroller and I could hold him on my hip! Now, I can't even lift him. Anyway, it was a once in a lifetime experience and was good for all of us, on many levels. I downloaded a few ... okay, more than a few ... pictures from our trip. Click on "Visit This Album" (and then on the first picture) to see the pictures close up. Please let me know if you have any trouble viewing the pictures - this is my first time using this host site.

I had to laugh at Eric in the shark exhibit at Sea World. He is not shy about telling us (and anyone else who will listen) what he knows about the particular subject at hand. However, I think he met his match in this little girl -- she was not only able to keep up with Eric, I think she even had a thing or two to tell him. It was too cute.

Have a great week.


Anonymous said...

Good Morning, Glad you all made it back! I can't see the album but it could be my computer. I'll try at work. Have a good day!

julie worthington said...

Glad you are home and that you had a good time. the pics look great - where's the one with you on it Ann??


kristy said...

Love the Eric story. He is a funny guy! I'm glad you were able to get away and be together as a family. I am sure Jack loved it!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you had a good time. I'm sure you need a vacation from your vacation.

Those pictures are wonderful. I love Hilary's T-shirt. Did it say, "Good talker, Bad listener" ? LOL!


Anonymous said...

welcome home!!
the pictures are beautiful.
xo c

Sarah said...

It looks like you all had a great trip! You know summer is over when you're the only ones on the harbor cruise! ;) It looks like the girls sat in the soak zone too! What was Eric's favorite part of the trip? The beach pictures all turned out great. Even though I'm sure the traveling was tough, I'm glad you got away as a family.

Anonymous said...

Love all the pics! So nice that you could all get away together. It won't be long before kids are off at college and can't vacation with the family anymore. Just have to say, Jack has the most smoochible ( is that a word?) looking cheeks I have ever seen! I'm sure he is very aware of that.

Hope in NC

Melisande said...

Love all the pics! My sister lived in San Diego for 5 years and we got to see all that stuff! I would love to stay at the Hotel Del some day! I know you all had a blast!!