Sunday, November 18, 2007

Weekend of Dance

Update: by the time we left Sunday evening, Eric was on maximum dance/music overload (as was I) and he just kept saying "I'm outta here" and at one point he left the Ballroom and said he was going to find the elevator and go back to our room ... and off he went. After a few minutes I went out into the lobby and saw him wandering around trying to find the elevators. I'm not sure what he thought he was going to do once he got to our room since he didn't have a room key to get in. The event ran over and we made it home by 4am ... got a few hours of sleep and I was out the door for work. I let Mary and Eric stay home from school. Oh... to be a kid again!

Mary, Eric and I are in Los Angeles for the "Oireachtas", the regional Irish dance competition that Mary and my niece, Shannon are participating in. Mary finished up yesterday and her Ceile team did well, placing 11th out of 40+ teams. Shannon dances today and we hope to get on the road by 7pm. We should roll into Phoenix around 2am (with the time change) and hopefully, I'll get a few hours of sleep before it's time to get up and start another busy week! Jack, Hilary and Mark are enjoying the peace and quiet of not having Eric buzzing around all weekend. Eric is doing great considering he's been stuck in a room for two days listening to the same music play over and over again and watching dance after dance after dance.

Here is a video clip of Mary's team dancing (it stops before the dance is finished because my memory card was full).

and a few pictures ..........


julie w said...

The dance was really great. Glad you're having a great weekend, and Eric looks happy. Hope you can catch up on your sleep


Anonymous said...

the girls look lovely. They are very talented!!

Melisande said...


Beautiful video! They must enjoy these competitions. Eric looks like he was making good use of his time with the slinky. Maybe he should take up the violin?


Cindy said...

I love watching Irish dancing, but I bet you've had your fill;-) Congratulations Mary!

Anonymous said...

...can I add you are an amazing Mom!! How do you do it all Ann???
You must be wiped out. I hope you have a wonderful holdiay, and that it is relaxing too:)