Friday, November 09, 2007

Week Over

TGIF ... I'm tired and ready for the weekend.

Jack had his just because appointment with the pulmonologist on Wednesday and that went fine. He wants to see Jack again next June just because. I really do like this pulmonologist. He's the third one we've had since moving home and he is definitely the best in town, especially as far as being responsive to phone calls and seeing Jack when he is sick. The pulmonology group we saw before our current doc would always tell me to take Jack to the ER whenever I'd call to get an appointment when he was sick -- they never even tried to fit him into the schedule. Obviously, they didn't understand that I don't do ERs.

Eric had another rough week at school. His teacher emailed me a very detailed report of Eric's behavior on Monday. To be honest, I don't really need all the details of Eric's bad day. I understand she wants us to be aware of what Eric's issues are, but I really wish she'd just take Eric by the ear and haul him down the Principal's office, if that's what it takes to put some fear in him! Seriously though, I think she needs to be a little tougher on him. Monday night, Mark was talking to Eric about his behavior and after several minutes of responding with "I don't know" to every question Mark asked, Eric apparently had had enough as he looked at Mark and said: "I'm just about ready to call 9-1-1" He definitely has a knack for making you laugh when you really shouldn't (of course, Mark and I only laughed about it out of Eric's sight).

Next week will be a busy one with more dr's appointments, Eric's school play, and we head to Los Angeles on Friday (or Thursday night, not sure yet) for an Irish Dance competition for Mary. I'm just going to hang out this weekend and rest (yeah, right!)

Enjoy your weekend and savor the moments.


julie w said...

Ann, I'm glad the weekend is here too, it's nice just not to have to rush anywhere and you can have breakfast and do vacuuming in your jammies if you wish.
Glad Jack's appointment went well. I am sorry to hear Eric is misbehaving at school again. They have started giving Sam time out in school for bad behaviour. He has to sit at a desk that faces a blank wall! It appears to be working though.

((((HUGS)))) Juliex

Rachel Marini said...

Hi, I wanted to let you know I've been following Jack's story for awhile now. His was the first page I saw when I searched 'Tracheostomy' when my son was preparing to get his. So it was hard not to keep up with Jack and your journey. You are amazing to say the least. I can now relate to much of what you're going through although not for nearly as long. I wonder how you do it. Anyways you inspire me. Jack does too.
Love from Maryland,
Rachel (Gabe's mom)
Cp name: GabesSpecialPlace
He was born with SCIDs - The bubble boy syndrome

God bless!

kristy said...

I hope you had a good weekend. I'm sorry about Eric's troubles. Hopefully, the teacher will figure out how to deal with him better as the year progresses! I think he's hysterical--I love the stuff that comes out if his mouth--very funny! Have a great week!