Sunday, June 22, 2008


Change is in the air at our house. Last week, Mark started a new job. Mark has had so many jobs over the years as a result of the moves we've made, downsizing and acquisitions. When Mark got on with Edward Jones (8 years ago), we really felt - and hoped - that he would finish out his career there. EJ is a great company with great benefits. Unfortunately, for reasons we will never understand, the person who was Mark's peer (and purported "friend") who then became his boss less than a year ago, made it her mission to destroy Mark's career at EJ. As much as we didn't want to leave the great benefits that EJ has, Mark had no choice but to leave the company. He is back working for American Express, the company he worked for before we moved to St. Louis in 1996. Amex is another great company and while change is always difficult, we feel like it is a good move. It does create more stress for me because of his hours, but I'm trying to just take things one day at a time. I'm also hoping to get some more nursing hours lined up. As for Mark's former boss, I take some comfort in knowing that "what goes around, comes around."

For us, a change in jobs is more than just a change in who is writing the paycheck. The most important thing to consider when making a job change is, not surprisingly, the medical benefits. Before Mark accepted the job with Amex, I spent over an hour and a half on the phone with their benefits person (including a conference call with the representative from Aetna) asking questions and posing every conceivably scenario until I was satisfied that we could make the job change. Most importantly, I had to make sure we could still take Jack to St. Louis for his care (I'm told we can). The last time I dealt with Aetna was when Hilary got her cochlear implant (in 1995) - which they initially denied, but approved on appeal. I just hope that the transition to the new insurance company will go smoothly (ya think?) At least we got United Healthcare to pay for Jack's eye gaze system before Mark left EJ.

Not much else going on here. It's hotter than hell (literally) - 113 degrees today. But, it's a dry heat :-) I'm usually not outside during the day, so I don't really notice the extreme heat (except in my monthly utility bill) - but this weekend I was out and about more than usual and it really is HOT out there!

Mary is home from New Jersey (she's tired and crabby); Eric is bored (according to him, he never gets to do anything); Hilary is a hermit and Jack is doing great!

That's the update from here my friends.


Since none of us will let Eric watch Sponge Bob for the 1000th time on the big TVs, he's resorted to the portable DVD player. He's quite the Sponge Bob addict ... I hope this is just a phase!


Anne said...

I thought Sponge Bob was a phase 3 years ago-unforunately, both boys in this house can sit and watch it for hours on end.

Anonymous said...

I've heard of Sponge Bob...I hope it's just a phase! Nathan is into "Bunnytown" on Disney Playhouse. It is mind numbing!

I hope the insurance transition is a smooth one, and I sure hope you can get more nursing hours!

You are a busy, busy family. Have a great week.

Anonymous said...

Yes, what goes around comes around, and it is usually intensified. So that lady will get it good.
Good luck with the transitions, perhaps they will suprise you and it will be smooth.


Melisande said...

Yes, what goes around comes around, for sure!

Donovan has hit another Spongebob phase too. That is one goofy show!

julie w said...

Wishing Mark every success in the new job. It sounds like you've covered all the bases with the new insurance co, hope it all goes smoothly.
Thankfully, we have NEVER had a Sponge Bob phase!! Sam has just discovered Thomas the Tank Engine!


julieadoo said...

If Mary and Eric are bored, you can always send them out to me! It's only 85 degrees here with humidity. And John is living in 131 degree weather right not. But seriously, they can come for a visit anytime.