Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A Sensitive Soul

Last night I fell asleep while laying next to Jack in his bed. We were listening to Jack's iPod - which had classical music loaded on it. I was awakened from my sleep by the sounds of Jack crying. I looked over to Jack and he was literally sobbing and had tears running down his cheeks. It wasn't an "I'm hurt" kind of crying, it was an emotional crying. As I looked at Jack and listened to the music (I can't tell you what song was playing), I remembered another time when Jack was moved to tears by the music. When I asked Jack if he wanted me to turn off the music, he stopped crying and smiled. To be perfectly honest, it's really scary how "deep" this kid is.

The other time Jack cried over a song it was the Carpenters' song Solitaire - which is a really sad song, but I would never have thought Jack was paying that much attention to the words or could even understand the words. I have no idea what moved Jack to tears with the song that was playing last night since it was an instrumental and had no words.

I've said before that Jack is wise beyond his years. How many 9 year olds do you know who are moved to tears by music? Whenever I question how much Jack really understands, I am reassured that he understands a whole lot more than I do after events like last night. Sometimes I wonder if Jack truly is an angel on earth sent to be my teacher. Or perhaps that's just wishful thinking on my part to help make some sense out of the life that has been bestowed on Jack ... or perhaps I've just lost my marbles after too many years of sleep deprivation.

Regardless, Jack is not only a wise soul, he is a sensitive soul too.

Here is the video I put together for the Trach Conference:


julie w said...

I agree, Ann. Jack is wise beyond his years. He probably picks up on the things that we can't as we rush around in our mad, mad world. Sam loves classical music, but I don't think it would ever make him cry, though it is calming.
I love the video, had me in buckets again!

Betty said...

Ann -
We moms know that our kids have more than some doctors think. I was surprised myself when Will was about 5 and was upset. He started to cry, but then tried so hard to stop himself. Just like any other 5 year old who feels they are too old to cry :( Will gets made at the MP3 player sometimes when it's a song he hates - he certainly lets us know. These kids whose bodies limit their communication and expression find their ways to keep us on our toes.

Anonymous said...

Rest assured Ann that you are not nuts, Jack is an angel indeed. He is a teacher to us all, but especially you.
What a gift he is.


Melisande said...


Of course, you see Jack's heart, Ann! You are with him in the quite when his heart is speaking to him and you both. God bless!

You did a fabulous job as usual with the conference video!

You touch many, many people!

Nikki & Zachary said...

This post brought tears to my eyes. My Zachary is a sensitive soul too and I also think he understands way more than we all think. Jack is definitely an angel on earth, I truly believe that about Zachary.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anne-
This one choked me up a bit! Not much to say though, you said it all.
Big Hugs!

wyldrose said...

the video was so beautiful and amazing.......i believe that what you and jack teach means that you are BOTh angels amongst us.....thank you...

pat berger and kathie larsyn