Wednesday, August 06, 2008

I Must Be Insane

I recently found out about a site - - that automatically slurps (uploads) your entire blog so you can save it as a book. I have now slurped my blog and I am in the process of putting together my book. There are lots of options for page layouts, colors, pictures, graphics, etc., so there is a lot of opportunity to customize your book. I decided to do one book for July 2006 (the beginning of my blogging) through December 31, 2007 (Volume I) and then do a separate book for each year thereafter. I started working on Volume I this week. The only bummer about this program is that it does not upload your comments and I've received so many wonderful, supportive, and entertaining comments that I want to save. I'm having to go through each blog entry and copy the comments and then paste them into a new page in my book.

My point ---> like I have TIME for this project?! I've been up until 1am the last few nights working on the book and I'm only into the first week of comments. I typically get to bed around midnight but I've now extended my late night/early morning project time another hour by adding this to my list of things to do. I must be insane! I really need to set a limit on how much time I'm allowed to work on this each night or I'll be incapacitated from lack of sleep very soon.

Another idea I have is putting together a book of all my email correspondence with Jack's doctors over the last nine years (amounting to hundreds of emails). It's interesting for me to see my emotional progression as it relates to the questions I ask Jack's docs, what I want from Jack's docs, what I want from Jack and how I've related my frustrations to them through the years. One of Jack's docs recently told me "you have mellowed beyond description in many ways". (he calls it mellowing, I call it throwing up my hands and saying "I give".) I think it would be really neat to publish a book and call it something like "Conversations with a Doctor". I'd use different names and alter the emails some to protect the innocent and, of course, I'd have to get everyone's permission first.

Wait a minute, am I talking about yet ANOTHER project?

Actually, I'll probably just start transferring the text of the emails to a book, but won't likely consider publishing anything until . . . well, until the story is over. (and let's hope that's very far off in the future.)

For those of you with blogs, I highly encourage you to preserve your writings in some type of book to give you something tangible to look back on. And, don't wait two years into your blogging to get started like I did unless you have lots of extra time on your hands.

It's now rounding 11:30pm and I've got emails to answer and an appeal to Aetna to work on and I'm only giving myself until midnight or else... I'll turn into a pumpkin ... or something like that.

Peace my friends.


Cindy said...

Two super ideas Ann! I'm always in the middle of a project or two. It's fun to do something you WANT to do and it's also therapeutic. It's easier for me, since I have more precious time. You need to find a way to give yourself more time for these projects. You have the talent to get your projects published and in the process you will be helping others, which has rewards that can't be measured in dollars.

I'll email you about my latest project. You'll get a kick out of it!

Faith said...

A friend of mine recently bragged about how she made a baby book for her son (who is Faith's age). While I have made a few photo books I haven't gotten around to the official baby book. When I was pregnant I received a generic baby book. After the conversation with my friend I found the book and attempted to work on it. Soon after I became disheartened and depressed. I had nothing to fill out for "first food" or "birth announcement." I did laugh at the "medical records" page that left just a few inches of space. :)

Then I read your post and became inspired. Our blog IS our baby book! :) I had thought about printing out all the pages and slipping them into a 3 ring binder...but that just seemed too time consuming and messy.

Yes, this blurb project will be time consuming, but it will be nice. It will be a baby book even I can brag about!

Thanks for the great idea, and as always thank you for the inspiration!

Anonymous said...

Your idea for the book of conversations with doctors reminds me of a book a local doctor here wrote called "Patients from Hell". Maybe yours could be its companion book.
By the way, that doctor is leaving town now so his patients all figure they'll be in the next book.

Melisande said...

Whoa! Cool Ann?

What are you drinking these days??? LOL!

Glad someone has energy to do something constructive!!