Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Our SLCH Schedule

In just over six weeks we will be driving back to St. Louis for a week of doctors' appointments and procedures with all of Jack's docs at St. Louis Children's Hospital. The last time Jack left St. Louis he was strapped to the floor of the van in a body brace following his spinal fusion surgery. (See it here.) This time there are no planned surgeries, although based on prior experience, that doesn't guarantee that there won't be a surgery. But if things go according to plan, this visit to SLCH should be a much more pleasant experience for Jack (and me).

I found out our final schedule of events this week and here's how things look:

Sat-Sun: travel Phx to STL

Mon: day of rest/visiting with friends

Tues: am - ENT
pm - Cardiologist

Wed: am - Orthopaedist
pm- Bronchoscopy (ENT) and EUA* (Ophthalmologist) two procedures under anesthesia
Over-night (7:30pm-7:30am) - sleep study to check ventilation

Thurs: am - ophthalmologist (will come directly from sleep study lab)
pm - neurologist

Fri: day of rest/visiting with friends

Sat-Sun: travel STL to Phx

Jack will see five specialists, have two procedures, and an overnight stay in the hospital all in a three day period. The best part is that all of Jack's appointments and procedures take place in the same building with doctors sharing information (and OR time) -- something that would never happen in Phoenix. Which is one of the main reasons we make the trip to St. Louis. SLCH is a top notch hospital and the physicians who care for Jack are some of the best.

The kids will be on Fall break and they all want to come out to St. Louis to see their friends and visit their old stomping grounds, so we are making a family vacation of it. Eric will travel with us by car and the girls will fly out.

Now, I just have to psych myself up for 30 hours in the car with "chatty cathy" (aka Eric) ;-)

Believe it or not ........... I'm excited about the trip. It just feels comfortable to be in STL with Jack's docs and all of our very good friends.


*EUA = examination under anesthesia


Anonymous said...

I am looking forward to your visit and hope we can see you all!!!!

Dana said...

Good Luck! Drive safely. IT's awesome that you could get all the appointments at one time. We usually end up dragging ours out over 3 months. Too much time off work for DH. Good Luck Jack.

Rachel Marini said...

Wow, what a schedule! I would like to know who organized that! Were you able to pull that all together or the hospital? Also- Why is Jack getting a sleep study? Just wondering. Very curious to see what the docs have to say about how Jack's doing! Thanks for sharing about your upcoming trip. Hope it goes well.