Monday, August 04, 2008

A Stormin' Day

One week into school and Eric's daily assessment for today:

I had a Stormin' Day!!!
Comments: cleaning up and noisy in line.
Received a WARNING

When I asked Eric about his warning, his response: "well, it's better than what Emma got".

Good thing he's cute!


Anonymous said...

He is a cutie! He's got a great personality.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, he's cute. And VERY smart!

Faith said...

A Stormin' Day? I'd hate to hear what comes next- A Tornado? Hurricane? Hopefully we won't find out. ;0)
Good call btw on the k/1 split thing- as a former Kinder teacher I'd never go for that either. It's just like the schools to not meet the needs on the other end of the special needs sprectrum.
Good job advocating (when you are a lawyer and a sn mom the school district better watch out!) ;)

I'm glad Eric has you as his mom. And I am glad you have him. :)

Lane said...

I'm one of those ghost readers that never comments. I stumbled upon your blog a while back, and check back daily (but have been out of towna and am catching up.) I just have to say you are an amazingly strong woman, and I feel like I know your family...kind of. Oh, and Eric - I swear he cracks me up. Reminds me of my teaching days...