Sunday, September 14, 2008

Brain Freeze

I'm a thinker. Thoughts, ideas and things I'd like to share just pop in my head and sometimes I can sit down at my computer and the words just flow. Then there are those times when the thoughts are there but the words won't come. It's such a struggle for me because I can't get the thoughts out of my head, but I also can't come up with the words to adequately convey what I want to say. I'm currently suffering from brain freeze. Or, perhaps dementia. Whatever it is, the words aren't coming right now. Hopefully, it's only temporary (which would rule out dementia).

Speaking of brain freeze. Right as we finished dinner tonight, I grabbed Jack (who was already in his wheelchair) and we hurried out the door for a walk before the sun went down. I was about a half a mile down the road when I realized I didn't have Jack's suction machine, his backpack with his ambu-bag, nor did I have my cell phone with me. You think I turned around and headed back home after I figured out I forgot everything . . . nope. I've definitely come a long way from that first walk in the neighborhood oh so many years ago. No panic, just a comfortable awareness. Sometimes, I scare myself!

Happy Monday friends.


julie w said...

You always have such eloquent words Ann, it's hard to believe you have brain freeze :) I think my brain has been frozen for the last 5 years! Things come to mind which I think are good - and within minutes I've forgotten them (maybe that is dementia).
Glad you felt comfortable to continue on your walk without the suction bag, that's really cool. I took Sam out in the car one day last week and didn't take the suction machine and go bag for the first time ever, it felt really liberating (don't know what I'd have done if he needed suction though - the mental picture is quite gross ;) )

Anonymous said...

I love it! We have gotten much more lax about the gear, too. If we forget it, we forget it. Have a great week. We can't wait to see you!

3boys4tre said...

I definitely do not think you have brain freeze and if you do the words eloquently flow.

I love the fact that as we grow it's okay to forget and to be aware. I hope you enjoyed your walk. Happy Monday!