Sunday, September 07, 2008

More to Come ...

I've got two things I'm working on to share with you. One is a blog thought to follow up on my post in support of Jen and the other is a video of Jack doing some new things with his eye gaze system. Both of these are taking more time than I've got if I want to get to bed before 2am. Because I'd rather not start the work week off tired, I'll share some pictures from this weekend instead. Hopefully, I'll have more to share later this week.

I've been having Jack watch his movies on the portable DVD player because I really don't think he can see what's on his TV very well because it's so far away when he is in bed. Hopefully, we'll figure out exactly how far he can see after our visit with the eye doctor in St. Louis. This was late in the evening and Eric was tired and ready to fall asleep any minute.

We celebrated family birthdays this weekend. My niece Bridget turned 21 so she is now legal to drink. (Being the good Irish Catholic girl she is, I'm sure no alcoholic beverages passed her lips prior to her 21st birthday! :-) (the other two people in the picture would be my sister Joan and my nephew Joey.)

Mary and her cousin Kelsey - who also celebrated a birthday.

And lastly, I'm posting this picture just because .....

my sister told me not to! The next picture (if there was a next one) would be of her yelling at me "you'd better not put that on the blog!" She's trying to figure out how to get her new TV/cable/DVR/DVD/Etc. to work. The thing comes with at least 17 remotes, I'm not sure how anyone can figure it out.

Not only do my kids give me grief for always having my camera out, the rest of my family does too. For the record, I was the family photographer well before I started blogging -- since I was in grade school. The majority of family photos we have from our childhood through adulthood were taken by me. My grandpa was a camera buff and I acquired his love of photography very early on.


Have a grand week my friends.


Anonymous said...

I look forward to see what is coming. I am sure that it will be great.
I love seeing your family pics.
That looks so comfy with Jack and Eric.
Have a great week Ann.

Anonymous said...

You go girl!!! I am not one of your soroity sisters, but have such admiration for your group. You hang tough- all of you. You are an inspiration.

Rachel Marini said...

Love the pics!!
Sending happy thoughts your way,

Anonymous said...

Jack looks like he is such a snuggle-bug and it would be hard to resist crawling up and watching a movie and hanging out with him!

Check out this blog of a friend. I laughed at her pics so hard today. She literally has a camera attached to her at all times.

Love seeing all the different family members in your blog.