Sunday, November 16, 2008

Little Boys

Little Boys . . .

Legos everywhere

Fruit and vegetable characters

Shoes and socks left where they drop

SpongeBob in the afternoon

Happy all the time

Little Boys are Great!



Sarah said...

Too cute! The Lego's remind me of Malakai, and Aubrey is the shoe and sock culprit in our house. I especially love the Veggies. Too cute! But the best of all are those boys. Smoochies!!!

julie w said...

I agree Ann, little boys are wonderful, even if they do leave shoes and socks lying around (actually, I've got a BIG boy that does that!)

Anonymous said...

gotta love them :)
xoxoxo christina

Anonymous said...

I am constantly harping on those socks. Guess I need to appreciate them!


Ann said...

Sandra, the shoes and socks drive me NUTS too! Eric is a tornado and he leaves stuff in his path throughout the house. I only shared a fraction of Eric's crap scattered about. But, you gotta love little boys!

Cindy said...

I love the fruit and vegetable characters! Did he think this up on his own? Hmmmm, gives me an idea for a stop animation movie!:-)

Ann said...

Cindy - Eric got the idea from a book he brought home from school. I don't remember the name. The kid is always creating/building/drawing things.