Sunday, November 09, 2008

Weekend Pics

We celebrated Jack's birthday on Saturday. It was fun!

Here are some pics ~

My nephew Joey - he volunteered to fry up the taco shells

Jack during "Happy Birthday"

My sisters

A little bit of Wii

(does Jack not have the coolest room?! We can never thank the Room for Joy people enough for giving Jack this gift. Hard to believe it's been almost a year since he got his room make-over)

Have a wonderful week everyone!

Remember to enjoy the moment ;-)


julie w said...

Love the pics, sounds like a cool birthday - glad you all had fun :)

Julie xxx

Anonymous said...

Great pictures! I do love Jack's room. It is spectacular. He looks like he really enjoyed himself!

Mom on the Run said...

What a room indeed! It looks like the Rainforest Cafe. I love how you have the wii in his room so that your kids will feel comfortable playing in the room with their brother.

You have mentioned that your son is room-bound. I like how you bring the family to his room. Cool.