Sunday, November 23, 2008

Miscellaneous Stuff

Jack's Sleep Study Report
- Jack's neurologist faxed me Jack's sleep study report and the results show "Excellent oxygenation, sleep quality and continuity."

MY sleep study should be so good. I can assure you that my sleep is seriously lacking in both Quality and Continuity! At least one of us is sleeping well at night.

They did suggest lowering his rate a bit because his end tidal CO2s were running in the low 30s (which is too low). I thought he was a bit over-ventilated, which is now confirmed. Overall, his vent settings are perfect and he is doing "excellent" (for a kid on a vent.)

My Visit With The Periodontist- I found out that the tooth that was causing me so many problems the week we were in St. Louis is not salvageable, so it was pulled last week. Let's just say, it was the worst dental experience of my life and I will not be returning to the same "specialist" to finish the job. I have a fairly high tolerance for dental work and pain, but this guy must have been trained by the Nazis. Personality-wise, he was a nice guy. Technique-wise, not so much so. I might just say to heck with it and live with the "Hillbilly" look.

Okay, not really.

The Cruise
- Thank you all for encouraging me to go. I'm still hoping to find someone to go with me. One of Jack's doctors (who I've become friends with) said she'd go with me, but then she found out she has call the week of the cruise and she doesn't think she can change it. That really bummed me out because I would love to go with her.

I will know some people on the cruise because friends of mine from college and their kids are one of the groups performing (it's an "All Star Irish Cruise"). They are Irish dances/fiddlers who made it to second place in the first season of "America's Got Talent". Check them out here: Celtic Spring.

If I decide to go, I also plan to see one of Jack's former docs who now lives in Puerto Rico (which is one of our stops along the way.) I'm just really struggling with being away from Jack for so long, especially if I'm only going by myself. If I was going with someone else, I feel like I could justify it more. Anyway, if it's meant for me to go . . . I'll go.

More Irish Dance - this weekend was the "big" Irish dance competition of the year - the Western US Regional Oireachtas. The top dancers in this competition go on to the World competition in Ireland. Mary doesn't have a competitive bone in her body - she dances for fun, not necessarily to win. Of course, this just kills me because I'm just the opposite. Not that Mary doesn't like to win, she just doesn't like to practice.

Little known fact - I played the accordion as a kid and would compete every summer in Los Angeles at the a regional "Accordion Festival". I know, I'm a geek. But, I was pretty good. I practiced and I played to win!

Checking in

Getting ready

Make-up on

Getting ready to dance


The pressure is off - time for some fun

and just in case you doubted me . . . . .

Have a great week my friends!


The Marangella Family said...

Don't you think it's strange that we booth wrote about sleep tonight? Wonder how that could be!

Love the picture, where's the monkey and his tin cup?

Anne said...

Love the picture Ann!! GO ON THE CRUISE!! You need to.

bettyd said...

Try to find a way to go on the cruise, Ann. You seem like me in that you can not give yourself a chance to relax - always something to do for someone else. Your and my relax time is that late night time when everyone is in bed and we are on the computer (or catching up on my DVR viewing). Do this for yourself, if you can!

Anonymous said...

Love the picture of you!Excellent! Keep trying to go on the cruise. Everyone who does what we do every day needs a break. I hope it works out. Have a great thanksgiving.

Melisande said...

AHHH!! LOVE IT! Little Ann! The Competitive Accordion player with her little Lederhosen! That made my day!! Love it! :)

julie w said...

Love the picture Ann. I used to play the clarinet and sax, but wasn't very competitive. I was competitive with my dancing though, and racked up a few medals in my time ;)
Glad Jack's sleep study results were good - sometimes I'd like to do one myself, that would make for interesting reading, I think.

And - you absolutely MUST go on that cruise!

Sarah said...

I think you are my long lost big sister! I am sooo competitive. I've played piano since I was 2 and organ since 6th grade. I love your accordion picture. I'm glad Jack's tests came out well. I hear ya on the "mommy sleep study". I need one of those too!
Hugs and sweet dreams!

Maria said...

awwww... too cute :)

Thank you for sharing... everything :)