Thursday, November 06, 2008


This week I'm feeling Overwhelmed. Overwhelmed with emotions, deadlines, time crunches, opinions and demands.

While I truly am okay with this life I've been forced chosen to live, let there be no doubt that there are, and always will be, moments of profound sadness over what has been lost. Jack's birthdays are tough and putting my feelings into words in Jack's birthday letters is always extremely emotionally draining.

Not to worry though, I'm coming out of my annual "birthday funk" and I'm ready to celebrate all the good that IS in Jack's life. Starting with his birthday party this weekend!

The overwhelming demands of work are really starting to catch up with me. I'm not sure how much longer I can or want to keep up this pace. I just can't seem to catch my breath. Today I was filling out paperwork sent to me by a new dentist I have an appointment with on Monday for the tooth that was bothering me while we were in St. Louis. I'm seeing a specialist because it looks like I'll need extensive (and expensive) work done on the tooth. One of the questions on the patient questionnaire was "are you under extreme tension?" You think?! The picture above isn't too far off on how my desk looks - or at least my perception of how my desk looks!

But of all the emotions I'm feeling this week, the most overwhelming one is of Gratitude for all the wonderful blog comments, emails, text messages, cards and phone calls that were written, sent and received. Thank you all very much for caring about the special little boy who is by my side, leading me . . . every day . . . in every way.



Patricia said...

Ours is rarely an easy life and it can be very difficult to keep up with priorities that seem to change not daily but rather hourly but you do it with such grace and a wonderful sense of humor. It would be difficult to not mourn a little bit of what we’ve lost, the one that hits me hardest is that the innocence of childhood has been stolen from our children. Always remember you have had a huge impact on my life and many, many others -- you are truly an inspiration!

julie w said...

Patricia put it perfectly - you have made a huge difference to many of our lives, you and Jack too. I love the desk picture - I thought they were all Jack's birthday cards!! sending lots of hugs across the pond

Sarah said...

At least we can be thankful that it's Friday! Hopefully Jack's party will be an enjoyment, rather than an added stress on the list of things that must be done. I'm sure you'll come out of your funk soon and be back to full speed in no time. Party party!

Anonymous said...

I hope you find some peace this weekend and in the coming weeks. It is a rough life, but you make it seem easy.