Sunday, February 15, 2009

Life Is Good

After our trip to the bookstore last night, today was a relaxing day, doing a whole lot of nothing and enjoying our new books.

Eric "relaxed" and read for maybe all of five minutes.

Happy Jack!

Mark had to break away from the relaxing part of the day and put up the wall words I ordered a few weeks ago. I saw this saying on a plaque and I really liked it, but I needed something bigger to fill the wall space above our kitchen table. I found "" online and ordered the saying from them. You can pick what font, color and size you want for your words. It's different, but I really like the way it turned out.

(the lettering is a hunter green color)

Tomorrow is a holiday for all of us. Yeah! The "old" me would have gone into the office anyway. The "new" me is taking the day off.

Wishing you all a happy Monday.


worthy said...

Glad you had a relaxing weekend. everyone looks happy. Love your wall words. Enjoy your day off.

Julie x

Anonymous said...

Ann, LOVE the wall!! I am happy you had a nice weekend and hope you enjoy your day off.

Marissa said...

Awesome quote!! It looks great on your wall.

Glad everyone had a great weekend and the "new you" is going to take more time off today. Enjoy!!


Anonymous said...

Aunt Ann, will you do me a HUUUUUGE favor and make Mary stop reading her new book and finish reading the Count of Monte Cristo so that we can move onto the second book, a Jane Austen book? I would greatly appreciate any effort you make! Have a wonderful day off tomorrow!

Love Kelsey!

Sarah said...

Mmmm! Day off! I love your wall words! I should look into some of those for my dining room and bedroom.

Susan said...

I really like that saying. It makes me want to get out my rainboots.