Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Homework 101

Sorry guys, I've got nothing exciting or profound to write about (and I'm feeling kind of good about that!)

I grabbed my camera tonight to catch Mary and her friend doing homework "together". No question this is the cyber/tech age. Homework is done on the computer and kids do their homework together - over their cells phones.

Just a short clip of Homework 101 in the 21st Century

I'm not looking for any excitement to report on, so hopefully the mundane of every day life is worth the stop over to our little Blogspot.

Love ya'


Cindy said...

Can you even imagine how much easier school would have been for us with the help of computers and the internet?

Marissa said...

I tell ya, kids these days...

Here's hoping you have many more ordinary days to write about!


julie w said...

Uneventful is good :)
and the 21st century? even Sam types out his spellings on the computer!!He can't hold a pencil properly yet, though he does try with handwriting. Can you imagine what would have happened to kids like that when we were young?

Sarah said...

Oh my gosh! That is too funny! Mary could probably just google her math problems and get the whole answer with every step included! Man! Where was that when I was in Algebra???