Monday, February 02, 2009

Riding the Wave

Over the last week or so, I’ve managed to complain about my kid who cried throughout the entire Broadway production of The Lion King, lament the fact that I didn’t go on my much anticipated cruise and whine about the Cardinals losing the Super Bowl. Yet, not one mention of a sick kid, an annoying encounter with a DME company, an irritating phone conversation with an insurance company rep or the need to engage the services of a single medical professional.

Without question, life is very, very good right now! How refreshing it is to find myself complaining about everyday, normal people kind of stuff. Then again, I suppose it would be better if I didn’t find myself complaining at all, eh?

Knock on wood and may the good times last as long as possible. I’ve been at this long enough to know that chaos is lurking just around the corner.

Until then . . . I’m going to hang on and ride the wave for as long as I can.


Marissa said...

Ride that wave baby!

I'm so glad that you have only those things to complain about right now and I'll pray that the lurking chaos stays away for a long time... heck, how about forever. :)


The Marangella Family said...

Hey wait a minute Ann you just described my last week, scuffles with DME and insurance, more doctor's visits than I care to admit, two sick kids....God I'm depressed now!

I'm happy that you're riding a wave becasue it means there's hope for the same at our household!

Julie W said...

Long may it stay that way!

Stefano and Christina said...

I know what you mean, Ann! Now if everything could stay this good for a while.....
xoxo Christina

Sarah said... ride that wave girl! The CA waves are a little rough these days. ;)