Thursday, February 12, 2009


This is what greets me almost every night when I walk in the door from work

Eric loves his brother’s TV, which is why you’ll always find him hanging out in Jack’s room. This picture makes me happy … and it makes me sad too. I cannot even begin to articulate how difficult it is for me to see Jack in his bed unable to move, day after day after day. Yes, he's happy. Yes, he’s loved and Yes, he’s well cared for. But, so much of this makes no sense to me. I’ve really been struggling with this a lot lately and find myself very anxious if I think about this for too long. So, I try not to. Living in the moment, that is my motto. Right.

Happy Friday friends!


The best thing about the future
is that it only comes one day at a time.
Abraham Lincoln



Karen said...

Hi Ann,
Thanks for the post and for saying what many of us are feeling but can't put into words nearly as eloquently as you. Beautiful boys, that is for sure. You say you are always on the computer but when I look for you at night, you are no where to be found. You are such a tease! Let's continue our chat soon - loved "talking" with you.

Dana said...

I get it as well. At least Eric likes being near him. We should celerbrate that we have wonderful kids who don't Fight with Jack. They don't tease him or pick on him but like being with him. How many moms can say that? I am sure Jack enjoys the company as well.

Anonymous said...

I'm struggling too for some reason these days about a lot of things. Life is not fair, especially for Jack and our kids.


worthy said...

I can totally relate too, Ann, though our situation cannot really be likened to yours. Sometimes I see Sam with other kids, at a birthday party, for instance - and I that makes me realise just how different he is. But, like Eric and your girls adore Jack and want to be around him, everyone loves to be around Sam too. Our kids have a special something that makes everyone love them and they deserve to be loved.
Julie x

Sarah said...

Eric is a really neat kid. I am sure he will grow up to do great things some day....with Jack always on his mind.

betty d said...

Ann -

You have really inspired me to get a full or queen bed for Will. I just love seeing all those photos of Eric and sometimes the girls too, hanging out together with Jack watching TV.

Today my 7 year old daughter was right there working the lift on the van, pushing Will around the store and turning off his feeding pump when it ran out b/c we were too long in the store. I hope they stay friends a long time, but it is bittersweet that she has these experiences.

Happy Valentines Day all!