Sunday, March 14, 2010

Celebrating March Birthdays

All the cousins celebrating March (and one February) birthdays

In Lego heaven

 A little basketball at the park

watching from the sidelines

Mary and I are headed to California tomorrow.  I'm so looking forward to (and desperately need) a few nights of uninterrupted SLEEP! Yet, I truly hate leaving Jack.  I worry so much about him when I'm gone (I worry about him when I'm home too, but not as much).  He's feeling better and I'm sure everything will be fine ... but, I'm still going to worry.

May you all have a restful week . . . thanks for checking in.


worthy said...

Looks like fun - I love the cakes! Enjoy your break and hope you catch up on some sleep. Try not to worry TOO much (((HUGS)))

Susan said...

Those are some nice looking cakes. It looked like a great birthday celebration. I'm glad Jack's feeling much better. Enjoy your trip.

Anonymous said...

have a great time Ann. Enjoy your break :)

Melisande said...

Happy Birthday everyone! Have fun!!!