Friday, March 05, 2010

Friday Fotos

Friday night at the Ranch

Checking Facebook and making plans for the night

Engrossed in his DS 

Just taking it all in

Just wanting to feel better

Still requiring Os

20-day course of antibiotics, $5000 boxes 
of TOBI aerosols and Probiotics to counter 
the 20 days of antibiotics
(the bottle on the right is my Rx)


Hilary spent her Spring Break visiting her cousin Bridget in New Jersey.  She took the train from Rochester, NY to Penn Station in NYC.  As usual, I was nervous that Hilary would have trouble navigating her way and, as usual, she did just fine and had a great time with her cousin. She heads back to Rochester tomorrow.  My niece sent me these pictures today of their time in NYC.

They saw Mary Poppins on Broadway. 
I heard it was awesome!

Since my niece wasn't in any of the pictures -- 
here's a picture of Bridget and her boyfriend Joe
taken when they were in Phoenix a few weeks ago.
(Thank you Bridget for taking Hilary in this last week!)

Have a great weekend!!


ssouth said...

Good ole Tobi. I'd forgotten that fight. The eye drop form costs around $5. There must be some major science involved in making it inhalable.

You must be so proud of Hilary.

Hang in there, friend. I'm having a pity party over here since the weather if finally beautiful and we're stuck at home with sickness. Maybe I should invite Sangria over.


Anne said...

I like your Rx. I want to try some when I come out!

Susan said...

Sounds like you're going to have a good weekend. Glad you got yourself an RX. LOVE the picture of Hillary with Mary Poppins! That's one to treasure. You must be so proud of her. (And of course all your great kids.)

worthy said...

Can I share your Rx?