Sunday, June 06, 2010

Another Great Weekend

We spent another great weekend at the Ryan House.  Eric is in nirvana there.   Jack ...  he's not sure yet.  He's happy, but unsure.  He looks at me with these eyes that say "hey, what's up?  I'm perfectly happy at my house, in my bed, watching my movies and having my nurses cater to me!"  He just needs practice  - which we intend to give him a lot of.  We are looking forward to our next visit.

My favorite place to hang out at the Ryan House:

The Sanctuary is incredibly quiet and peaceful and a great place to read and catch a short nap.

On Saturday night we went to an Arizona Diamondback's baseball game. We had to drag Eric away from the Ryan House to go to the game, as he was convinced that baseball is "so boring".

Does this look like a bored kid to you?

It was fun to get out for the evening with Eric and our friends, but I'm with Eric .... baseball is incredibly boring to watch (so much so that we left the game early!)

Our dog, Rylie had her surgery last week and she is slowly recovering.  She was quite pathetic the first few days. The thing wrapped around her waist is holding on a pain patch.  She's now had the patch and bandage removed and she has to take it easy (no running or stair climbing) for 12 weeks.

Mary has her surgery this week.  I borrowed a wheelchair from my friend, as Mary will be without the use of both feet for several days after surgery - she doesn't get her walking boots until next week.  At that, she has to walk on her heels because she can't bear weight on the front part of her foot for a good 4-6 weeks in order to give the hardware time to set in the bone (they are putting plates and screws in the bones of her pinkie toes).

Wishing you all a fabulous week! Thanks for checking in.


Susan said...

Eeewhhh! Ainsley has plates and screws in her legs, but in your pinkie toes?! That sounds terrible! I hope her surgery goes well and the recovery goes by quickly. I'm concerned for you about keeping Rylie from running or going up stairs for 12 weeks.

I'm glad you are using the Ryan House. It seems like an amazing resource! I love the idea of a sanctuary where you can get some true peace and quiet. I'm sure Jack will get used to the change. I can only imagine how strange it must be to him because he spends so much time at home in his bed. I bet he'll question it less the more you go. Change can be good.

worthy said...

Glad you were able to get a break, as Susan said, I'm sure Jack will get used to the change, it must be a little bewildering for him.
I agree with you and Eric - I find baseball boring too!
Hope Mary's surgery goes well, that sound painful! xx

Christy said...

When we take Murphy to a baseball game all he does is eat. It's not about the baseball, it's about the food!

The surgeries around your house make me hurt just listening to them. Yuck!

I hope all recover well, with no setbacks!

Anonymous said...

I hope Mary does well. That does not sound fun at all. That sounds like a long recovery.

I agree with baseball being boring. The only good thing is drinking a few beers.