Thursday, December 02, 2010

Getting Into The Christmas Spirit

In an attempt to get into the Christmas spirit ... Jack and his friends and brother decorated the Christmas tree in Jack's room.  I still have a few more lights to put up in Jack's room and have another tree to put up in our family room, but it feels good to have at least started the process. 

A good time was had by all! 

The pictures below don't begin to do the tree justice.  This is actually taken with all the lights off in the room, but you can't tell.  Wish I knew how to take pictures in the dark to get the true effect of the tree.  

Oh well, use your imagination.  :)

This evening, we went to listen to our friend perform in a Christmas concert. Jack got all dressed up in his "Dapper Dan" sweater and really enjoyed getting out of the house.

Hanging out by the Christmas tree in the lobby of the hotel where the performance was held

Hope you all are getting into the Christmas spirit as well.  It's hard for me to get too excited about things this year, but I'm doing my best to put on my happy face and enjoy the season, while remembering the reason.  

Thanks for checking in!


worthy said...

Jack looks so pleased with his tree! I love the pic of him holding the bauble - priceless

Anonymous said...

Jack looks so handsome in his sweater. His tree looks fab. xoxoxtess

Christy said...

Great pics, Ann. Nice to see you're still blogging! ;-) I know things are difficult right now. Know that I'm thinking of you, whether you blog or not! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Looks great and I agree!! I have tried a lot of different things to try and capture the beauty of the Christmas tree...just can't get it. ho hum.
I bet Jack loves it!!!