Sunday, December 26, 2010

Just Some Christmas Day Pics

Mark got hit with the flu Christmas Day.  That leaves me and Jack.   I realize Mark couldn't help getting sick, but could I just whine here for a minute?  I get a three day weekend, no nursing help, sick kids and a sick husband.  So much for my Christmas vacation.  It's back to work tomorrow and I'm tired.  *sigh*

C'est la vie.  

A few pictures from Christmas Day ....

A new DSi.

A new Wii game.

Love Eric's bed head :)

The aftermath ... not too bad.
The older they get, the fewer (yet, more expensive) gifts under the tree.

Grandpa sharing some words of wisdom (depending on who you ask).

Someone must be telling a good story . . .


More cousins


Conversation around the fire 

Happy boy!

Jack enjoying his Christmas gift -- wireless, surround sound headphones
He's loving them

I got a flip video camera for Christmas, much to Eric's dismay  (practicing his drums on a chux pad!)


worthy said...

Oh Ann, I'm sorry you didn't get the break you were hoping for ((HUGS)). Hope everyone is better soon, love the pics, it's incredible that you are sitting out on the patio while we are snuggled up in our warmest clothes with the heating turned right up!

Vicki said...

You have a lovely family, I miss the large extended family. Hope you & Jack continue to dodge the flu!

Lisa said...

Ann your family is gorgeous!

Sorry about you not having a break.

The bed head image....ummm remember the group Flock of Seagulls?
Crack me up.

Love the headphones.

Enjoy your week.

The Hogan family said...

You gotta' love it when men are sick!!! Looks like you made the best of it though and had a good day. BTW, what a thoughtful gift for Jack! Music is such therapy for the soul! Here is to a better New Years!

Susan said...

The only thing worse than being the last one standing is if you too were sick because as you know there are no sick days for moms. It looks like you managed to have a fabulous Christmas with your beautiful family anyway. I bet Jack is going to LOVE those headphones! May 2011 bring you much happiness and good health!