Sunday, December 05, 2010

Star Student

Last week, Eric was selected as the class "Star Student".  Each day during the week, there is a special activity revolving around the Star Student.  One of the activities is that all the kids in the class have to write a letter to the Star Student.  Eric brought home a folder with all his letters and it was hilarious to read them.

Most of the letters were a version of this:

Dear Eric,
You are a really cool and good kid.  You always listen to Mrs. K.  You are always looking at her and you get your work done right.  You are a really good builder. You can make up something with legos really quick.  You can probably make a robot with legos in a minute.  You are also a good artist. Our giant posturs were really cool and I liked yours the best.  Mrs. K picked you and I think you deserve it.
Your friend,

But, THIS one was the best - you gotta love this kid's honesty:

Congratulations on being star student.  Just to warn you I'm not good at staying on topic so, just warning you.  I like being funny and crazy too so I'm not one of those people who doesn't respect your silliness.  Ugh, I hate writing star student letters. Not that I hate you, but I hate these letters. Why are they called friendly letters? Do you have to be friendly in them or something. Oh, I am closing your letter now so bye! 


My "Star Student"

Have a great week y'all!


worthy said...

That's wonderful Ann, brought tears to my eyes. you must be so proud of Eric. Aren't those kids funny? lol

Anonymous said...

Eric is really growing up.
xo c

Vicki said...

Yea Eric! Thanks for sharing the letters, love how the kids see the world. Wouldn't you love reading what Eric writes to the other Star Students?! By the way, great pics, good lookin' kid!

Christy said...

Hilarious! Sometimes I wish I could write thank you notes like that. Because I really hate writing thank you notes! And I have a hard time staying on topic, too.

Too funny! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Those are so funny! I also love the second one!


Anonymous said...

OMG That letter from Eli had me laughing. So funny. Good for Eric. What a sweet thing to do for the "star".