Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Broviac is Out!

We saw the surgeon today at what I thought was an appointment to schedule the broviac removal in the OR. Instead, he just "ripped" it out right there in the office. Ouch! Although the nurse said the surgeon would numb up the area before he pulled it -- he didn't. It really upsets me when people discount Jack's ability to feel pain just because he can't talk. Needless to say, Jack cried after the broviac was pulled, but he was better by the time we got out of there. Yeah ... no more broviac!

The nurse was astonished at the size of Jack's MIC-KEY. She said they put longer tubes in newborns and that Jack's balloon was probably in his tract (for you non-medical people, that would be the space between where the tube goes into the skin and the stomach). The balloon should be in the stomach. We upsized significantly to a new and improved and longer "Mini" g-tube (is that Mickey's better half?)

All in all, it was a productive appointment. Have a great evening!


julie worthington said...

Way to go Jack!! No more broviac!
Sorry the doctor was so horrible about it, I really don't know what they are thinking sometimes. Dp they think that because our kids can't talk they can't feel either?? Makes my blood boil, horrid man!
But, at least it's out and that's a relief. Hope you got to go to the mall and got something nice for dinner.


Anonymous said...

Woo hoo!! I'm so happy for all of you. Did you get something good for dinner? :)

Love you-

Anonymous said...

Glad it's out. Hope you enjoyed dinner.

Lots of Love,

Sarah & Luke

Anonymous said...

Ann -

Glad that the broviac is out. The less potential bacteria attractors, the better! Will's broviac worked its way almost all the way out by the time we went back to have it removed (8 months after placing it), so it was not an issue.

I hope any stiches were long gone before the broviac was pulled! I would hope a doctor would be that thoughtful.

Glad you got some time to yourself too.

- betty

Anonymous said...

Whew, glad that that thing is gone. That must be a relief to you all. Just one more step in the right direction.


Melisande said...


Good to hear things are better! I hate it too when they don't use any/enough pain meds. I bet the doc would want some if it was him/her!

We're gonna miss you at MW!

Anonymous said...


So glad to see that the Broviac is out! What a horrid way to do it though. Some docs just don't
"get it".

Hopefully the "good times" will keep rolling your way!

Hugs to you both.