Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Just a note of thanks for continuing to check in on Jack and for leaving comments (thanks too if you only check in, but don't leave comments). It means so much to know that you all care about us! Nothing new to report, Jack continues to lay in his bed 24/7 and be happy. Come to think of it, being confined to bed for a few months doesn't sound so bad after all! Where do I sign up?

Pat, I'd love that Rx for Hawaii :-)


Cindy said...

LOL Ann! When my water broke with the twins I was on complete bedrest for a month. Although it was a very stressful time, the bedrest part was quite fine! Glad to hear Jack is happy:-)

Pat Killen said...

I confess I have been one who has been checking on Jack and not leaving a comment. I am so happy he is doing well.His beautiful smile melts my heart. I still pray everyday for you and Jack. One time when all 4 of my kids( who were under 3 at the time) were sick,the doctor wrote ME a RX for a trip to Hawaii ALONE..... Unfortunately it never got filled but I can send it to you if you want it!
Take care,

julie worthington said...

Move over Jack - it's my turn for a lie down!!


glad Jack is still smiling, we like it when things are uneventful...now about that snooze...zzzzzzzzz

Love Julie xxxx

Cindy said...

How old is the Rx? Probably expired;-)