Thursday, October 05, 2006

"Good Times"

As I was driving to work this morning, I was thinking about my comment in my prior entry regarding how long the "good times" will last (I drive close to a hundred miles a day by the time I get my kids to school, get to work and back home, so there is a lot of time for thinking). I would never have believed 8 years ago that having a child with a debilitating disease, lying in bed unable to move, hooked to a ventilator, unable to eat or breathe on his own . . . but having good "numbers" and a smile on his face would equate to "good times". Life is just so warped, you know?

In any event, the "good times" continue because Jack's x-ray looked marvelous. The ortho's comment was "that's a LOT of screws". He did say that Jack should be able to get out of the body brace in two months . . . before Christmas. Yea! More "good times".

Wishing all of you "good times" ... whatever that may be in your world.

**Even more good times - we received authorization today from Medicaid as secondary insurance (primary insurance already approved 2 months ago) for a ceiling mounted track lift system for Jack. That is HUGE "good times" in MY world :-)


julie worthington said...

Hi Ann

I weas just thinking to myself yesterday how different my perception of 'good' is these days. Good times for us right now would be to get rid of the O2 so that our very active son could have some freedom. I suppose good for you would be to get rid of the body brace (here's to that happening pretty soon!)

Oooh if only good was looking forward to buying a new sports car....

Love and hugs

Melisande said...


Jack is smiling and that makes it good times. With all the stuff that's going on with me, Donovan is just oblivious. He's as happy as a clam! You gotta love our kids!!!

Anonymous said...

Wishing you many more "good times"! That's wonderful news about the body brace and the lift :)