Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Alert status downgraded

The nursing alert status has been downgraded to blue (guarded). I had a long and productive conversation today with both the nursing supervisor and the nurse manager. Kristina, you'll appreciate this -- they called Kristi before they called me to ask her if I left the agency, would she go with me (OF COURSE she would - she loves Jack). Kristi and I talked about finding a new agency, but the fact is, the staffing problem is universal and switching agencies wouldn't guarantee nursing. I do feel much better because they told me that I am a priority client because (1) I am in this for the long haul, and (2) Mark and I both work outside the home. They assured me that Kristi will be here every day until they find someone we are comfortable with. They suggested getting someone else in two days a week to give the person an opportunity to bond with Jack. I think that is a good idea for a lot of reasons. Everyone acknowledged that Kristi is so attached to Jack that she is the one having the most difficult time letting someone else care for him. I am so incredibly lucky to have a nurse who is so protective of Jack, but I think in the long run, it will be better if we can get someone else in who we can trust with Jack -- knowing that this person will never take Kristi's place. The nursing supervisor told me that she recognizes that she needs to find someone who not only I approve of, but who Kristi approves of too.

As of now, Kristi is on the schedule full time until they find someone who is a good match. Of course, me being the person who takes everything to the worst case scenario - in my mind, I already had the "for sale" sign in the yard and was searching for an apartment to move into since I was surely going to have to quit my job and stay home with Jack. I guess I can relax for the time being, eh?

Onward we march ..........


kristy said...

It sounds like you have a nursing agency that listens to you. I sure wish we had that. Nathan is apparently a "low priority" because we don't have medicaid, but that's another story! I am glad things have settled down for you. It is so important to have nurses that you trust with your child. I have been thinking about you this week, and I will keep you in my prayers--to find a great nurse!

julie worthington said...

I'm glad you were able to have that conversation Ann, and that you are being listened to. Praying for that good nurse to come along pretty quick so you can give Kristi a break. I agree it is a sensible idea to have the nurse spending a couple of days so she can get used to Jack and also to see how Kristi does things and how you, and Jack like things to be done. Hope things work out.

Love Juliexx

Kari said...

They must've rememebered you're a lawyer!

I'm SO glad they're being reasonable. I'm going to go do the "good nursing karma" dance for you. Here's hoping Mary Poppins and Florence Nightengale come out of retirement just for friend Jack!

Anonymous said...

Ann -
Will's nurse needs knee replacement, but she is feeling bad about leaving Will for 6 weeks! So, I know what you mean about getting a nurse that is very involved with your child. It is hard. I hope you find someone soon.
- betty

Melisande said...

I agee with Kari, here's to the spirit of Nightingale and Mary Poppins find you the perfect nurse!!!

Anonymous said...

Good Deal! We actually did think seriously about changing, there are lots of agency's but you are right it ended up the same no one could ever really "fill" the case. Once you are so comforatable with one it is so very hard to find anyone that compares. We had our "Hope" and no one compared, which really was not fair to the other nurses but he was our baby and only the best! Its that same old NICU theory....It has to get worse before it can get better.
Tell Kristi "Happy Nurses Week" I think nurses day is today or Sat???

Happy Birthday!!!
Kristina :-)