Saturday, May 05, 2007

Golf Anyone?

Today was a gorgeous day -- unusually cool for May in Phoenix. We walked to the park for a little golf with the boys. Eric has a pretty good swing, we might have to capitalize on that in the future! Eric hit and chased the ball around the park for over an hour. I got a short video clip - it's not great, but you get the idea. Have a great rest of the weekend!

Jack the caddy.

Too much golfing tires a kid out!


julie worthington said...

That is quite a swing Eric has there - watch out Tiger Woods!

Love the sleeping pic.

Julie (((HUGS)))

kristy said...

Too cute!! I'm glad you are having a great weekend!

Melisande said...

Love it! Love the little retro TV too! Very cool!

Kari said...

Yeah, the kids are cute, but that COUCH is FABULOUS! LOVE the shape!

(can you tell I'm thinking I need new furniture?)

We must've gotten your hot weather. Would you kindly take it back? I melt at anything over 70. It was 92 this afternoon. In fact, I think it's STILL 92.

Miserable. I just want to crawl into my fridge and shut the door behind me. Someone come get me when Halloween comes around...

(Seriously, though, what a terribly cute picture of Exhausted Eric, and Jack, well. Jack is ALWAYS cute, too!)