Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Nursing Issues

So much for not having anything to worry about. Nursing issues have risen to an orange (high) alert status. I'll try to give you the short version. We've been with the same agency since we moved home -- almost 5 years and Kristi has been with us the entire time. Kristi has always worked 4 days a week and we always had a different nurse 1 day a week. Our 1 day a week nurse has been a revolving door. The nurse has either moved or we weren't comfortable with the care provided. We were without our "1 day a week" nurse before we left for Jack's surgery in St. Louis and we decided after we got home that we only wanted someone who knew Jack and who we trusted 100% (aka Kristi) taking care of Jack during his recovery period. Kristi has been our only nurse since August until we got the last nurse who was way too reckless with Jack and we asked him off the case. Kristi is exhausted and really wants one day off a week, but also doesn't want to leave us without nursing one day a week because ... HELLO .... Mark and I both work full time! The agency called Kristi today and asked her when she wants to start working only 4 days a week. She told them when they get someone else in here who can work 1 day a week. The agency told her that "no" - if she wanted one day off, she would be required to take it off even if they couldn't staff the day. They told Kristi that families have to do without nursing and that is the way it is. I'm getting all of this from Kristi, the agency doesn't even have the decency to call me. Needless to say, I left a very forceful message with the nursing director and told her I expected a phone call tomorrow. I am so pissed right now, I can't see straight. We are approved for 71 hours of nursing a week and we are getting less than 50 staffed most weeks and, now, they think they are going to cut out another day. Life is stressful enough dealing with Jack's health issues, but adding the stress of getting enough nursing coverage so you can go to work, earn a living and support your family can push you over the edge. Mark and I already eat up so much of our vacation and sick time because of lack of nursing, we are not in a position to be without nursing one day a week on a regular basis. Anyway, this is just a total vent post because I’m so mad right now, I just have to get it out!

Ahhhhh … just another day in the life.



Anonymous said...

It really never ends, does it? What jerks. They could at least have the decency to call you. I hope this nursing saga ends very soon. ((HUGS))

Carrie said...

Oh Ann ~ That really SUCKS! I am so sorry the agency is doing this to you guys. I so wish the nursing agencies/directors could live one week in our shoes to see what they put us through.
I hope you are able to get this issue resolved soon.


julie worthington said...

Ann, this really stinks. I hope you get that phone call and really go to town on that nursing director. Say you are entitled to 71 hours and ask what they intend to do about it! OOh I'd be so mad too. I don't have to go out to work (though I would if I could) so it isn't really a problem for us, though John has used a lot of his holiday entitlement attending hospital appointments.

xxxJuliexxx ((((HUGS))))

kristy said...

I feel your pain. I hope something works out soon. It is unacceptable to leave you in the lurch because of their policies and inability to staff your case. They need to find you a qualified, reliable nurse...soon! It is stressful enough to have a medically fragile child! Big hugs to you!

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm....I use to be pretty good at this our nursing issues were pretty bad for a while. Threatening to change agencys worked for us but since you are good with Kristi that won't work. I know how awful the case managers can be, they are not in the homes and don't have a clear picture which does not help much either. Stay strong, I do remember that right when it seemed at its worst it always got better! Hugs!
Kristina :-)