Monday, May 14, 2007

And I paid for this?

Mark took Eric to SuperCuts yesterday for a hair cut. Here is what we got for $10:

All you moms out there, tell me ... would you have walked out of there with your kid's hair looking like that? It doesn't take a hair expert to figure out something is not right! I guess you get what you pay for, eh?

I also paid (more than $10) for this:

Mary is so excited about having her braces off that every time I turn around, she is snapping a picture of herself with my phone camera! Clearly, our orthodontist is much better at his trade than the hair "stylist" (and I use that term loosely).

This week is a crazy week. Mary's 8th grade graduation ceremony is Wednesday and I leave at 8am Thursday morning for New Jersey to attend my sister's graduation from Columbia. Mary leaves this weekend for her 8th grade trip to Disneyland and I have to get her ready before I leave. Too much to do and no time to do it.

Jack is battling something - he has a higher than normal heart rate and bloody secretions. His sats are fine, so I'm not too worried, except for the fact that I'll be gone for four days and Mark will have to try and figure things out in my absence. He's a great dad, but not so great at troubleshooting Jack. I just hope Jack starts to improve before I leave, or it will be a very stressful four days for all involved.



Kar said...

Ha! Do you ever start to think that Jack KNOWS when you're headed out of town, and that's just his way of saying he'll miss you??? Little devil!

Eric's haircut's lovely, just lovely! I haven't even TRIED to take Milan to the hairdresser. He gives anyone who gets too close the stink-eye, if someone came at him with scissors he'd lose an ear, for sure.

I have to laugh at the hair, though, 'cause I got my first haircut on almost six years; I went for giggles with our nurse to the local version of SuperCuts, told the girl that 1) I didn't own a blowdryer. 2) I had no intention of ever purchasing one, and 3) there was simply no way she could do anything to make me look worse than I already did, so feel free to do whatever she pleased...

And you know, it wasn't half-bad, for 6.99! So, I went in with fairly low expectations. But if she'd done to me what SuperCuts did to Eric, not only would I refuse to pay for it, but I might feel compelled to wrestle the scissors from her and take a few revenge-whacks!

Ahwell...a little hair gel and you could just tell everyone that all the boys are wearing it that way...(in Siberia, where it's freezing cold and everyone's hands shake terribly, but you could leave that part out!)

Safe journey, congrats on the graduations, and come back to us soon!

michelle said...

Lets just plan that whenever I cut Jack's hair, Eric is next in line! I feel responsible for his haircut--I should have been proactive...haha. Have a fun week and congrats to Mary!


julie w said...

Well Eric seems pleased with his haircut!?? ;) - next time just get the clippers out!!
Mary looks so pretty without the braces - but all your children are pretty.

I hope Jack isn't brewing anything nasty.
Enjoy your trip - and don't worry, Dad WILL cope.

Love Julie

Anonymous said...

Mary looks even more beautiful! Tell her congrats for me on not only getting her braces off but her 8th grade graduation too.

OMG-that haircut is too much!! I had my brother take the clippers to Evan this weekend so he is sporting a bit of a crew cut-I think that's what you need to do with Eric (after getting your money back!!).


kristy said...

I love the haircut! Eric looks absolutely mischievous in that picture--so cute! The braces-free smile is gorgeous. I hope Jack gets better soon. I've decided that Jack and Nathan are kindred spirits. Nathan knows that Cincinnati trips stress me out so he gets sick before the really important ones! Jack has his mommy radar on high alert, too! I sure hope the secretions clear up before you leave.

Anonymous said...

ALL your kids are beautiful... p.s. crooked bangs and straight teeth-better than straight bangs & crooked teeth!! love the pictures:)
have a safe trip, and hope Jack is healthy while you are away.
xo christina

Melisande said...


I have become pretty proficient at haircuts. I could do a much better job than that! Eric doesn't look too concerned!!

Mary looks fabulous!

Summer is quickly upon us. Let the games begin!!

Anonymous said...

Eric is cute enough to be able to carry off that hair cut. :)

Mary is beautiful. :)