Thursday, January 31, 2008

Mystery boy

Jack is such a mystery. He's had such a miserable week and I can't really tell what is wrong with him. His oxygen sats are fine, but his heart rate is elevated and "miserable" is written all over his face. It's difficult enough having a medically fragile kid, but having a sick medically fragile kid who can't tell you where it hurts is just so hard. I can't imagine not being able to communicate my aches, pains, needs, etc. I suppose Jack communicates them through his body language, but we are just guessing at what might be wrong. Jack probably just wants to yell at us and tell us that we are guessing all wrong - if only he could. You remember how stressful having a newborn baby is because they can't tell you why they are crying? That same sense of helplessness has remained with me for the last nine years when it comes to trying to figure out Jack. Hopefully, he'll start feeling better soon.

TGTomorrowIF! I'm so tired. I've slept through my alarm every day this week .... which means everyone else overslept too (since I'm their alarm clock). It's been a week of morning madness.

my sick boy

On the Eric front:

Even though Eric is doing much better in school, he still does NOT like school. I was reading something Eric's teacher gave me that listed characteristics of the "bright learner" versus the "gifted learner". According to this particular comparison, a bright learner enjoys school and a gifted learner enjoys learning. This is so true when it comes to Eric. He just doesn't have time for school, he only wants to learn what he wants to learn, when he wants to learn it. The next twelve years are going to be a real challenge, I can tell already. The other day as we were walking into Eric's school he said to me "let's just turn around and leave mom, no one will notice". As if we were prisoners escaping from jail. We have a friend who homeschools her girls and Eric wants to know why I don't homeschool him. Yeah, right! Like I have patience for that.

Wishing you all a happy Friday.


Sarah said...

Oh Ann, poor Jack just looks miserable! Does he have a temp? Poor little guy! I wish I could snuggle him. Even though he can't tell you what is wrong, you still know him better than anyone else, and will know when the time is to take him to the Dr if needed. Hugs for a better weekend!

julie w said...

Poor Jack, he does look poorly. I hope you can get to the bottom of what is troubling him.
Hope you get the chance to sleep late this weekend.

Anonymous said...

It was good to catch up on you all. Jack's video is amazing. It seems like he is really making progress. I hope the insurance situation is worked out. Sorry Jack is sick. We'll say some big prayers that he is better soon.

Melisande said...

Hope Jack is better soon! We've had our share this past week too....I think we're all finishing our antibiotics!!

Ann, I really can't imagine you home schooling Eric. I can't imagine myself home schooling either, however!! Eric just thinks that would be better....:)

Anonymous said...

Oh Ann, I really feel for you and Jack. I can't imagine how frustrating that is. I really hope that he feels better soon and that you get some good rest.

All my best,

Anonymous said...

Jack feel better soon!! it is heartbreaking to see you looking down...hugs and kisses to you and your mom, hope you enjoy your weekend
xo martini fam

Kerry said...

Oh I know those nights just trying every single thing I can think of because I don't know what's wrong. It breaks my heart that my boys can't communicate their needs.
Jack needs extra kisses so I'm sending some. I hate to see him not smiling.
I hope he's feeling better by today.