Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Short Update

It seems that the exclusion UHC quoted in their denial letter doesn't exist in Mark's employer's plan. Imagine that ... an insurance company making stuff up! We don't even find an "exclusion" section in the plan summary. We find a "what's not covered" section and devices and computers to assist in communication are NOT found anywhere under "what's not covered". The attorney who is helping me said it wouldn't be the first time that UHC has cited to a policy exclusion that isn't part of the plan at hand. Mark asked his HR department if they could find the language quoted by UHC in any of their documentation - we haven't heard back from them yet. It's just a bunch of b.s. and now I'm angry. I'm angry about the amount of time and lost billable hours I've devoted to resolving a bogus issue created by an insurance company. They should pay me for the time I've spent on this at my hourly rate. Something like this should be able to resolved by a simple phone call and shouldn't require a full blown appeal. Regardless, I'm just going to let the attorney handle the appeal. UHC and Mark's employer could both stand to squirm a little.

In Eric news, I talked with his teacher today and she said he is a PERFECT fit. He is not having any trouble keeping up with the work and there are NO behavior issues. She said he does like to talk, but she has a whole classroom of kids who like to talk. Bravo for good news!

That's the latest and the greatest from the Schrooten Ranch.

Have a great day!


Melisande said...


You are a better woman than makes me not see straight!! You go, woman!

Julie w said...

Ooh Ann, I would be so angry. You let them squirm!!
Great news about Eric - he is obviously in the right place now. Looking forward to hearing more about how he gets on.

Anonymous said...

I hope the appeal process is smooth and as easy as possible. All I can add is "what idiots!!"

Go Eric! I'm not surpised he is doing so well at his new school. I'm glad he enjoys it.

Anonymous said...

Grrr. I hope that it all gets resolved quickly ofr you.

Great news about Eric.


Karen said...

Why does that not suprise me? Aah yes, the same company who thinks andy's face and palate could be repaired by a boob job man.
I believe there is a special place in hell for health insurance companies...I often wanted to send a bill for the countless hours I spent on hold with UHC. Thank goodness you have an attorney working for you.
I have been wondering about Eric, so glad he is doing GREAT!
Karen : )