Thursday, January 10, 2008

Take Two

Jack had his second radiation treatment on Wednesday. Half the dose, half the time. He tolerated it great, but was "yelling" at me and giving me the pouty lip when it was over. I guess the novelty of being in a giant tube that is making a lot of noise (not to mention shooting potent beams of radiation at you) wore off. The radiation doc said to give it a few months and if he's still producing a lot of saliva, we can try another treatment. I think I'm done radiating my kid. Whatever we get from this treatment, I've resigned myself to live with.

After we finished that appointment, we made a stop at the ortho's office for a foot x-ray. There were a couple times last weekend when I touched Jack's foot that he started crying (big huge alligator tears) and with his bone issues, I decided we should probably make sure he didn't have a fracture. The good news is the ortho couldn't see a fracture. The bad news is, the ortho couldn't see much of a bone at all because Jack's bones are so osteopenic that you can see almost no white on x-ray. *Sigh* It's really scary to see Jack's x-rays. Makes you afraid to touch him.

On the Eric front .... so far, so good with the new school. I was worried when I saw a red card and a green card in Eric's backpack as I thought, please .... no more red light, green light crap. Thankfully, the cards have nothing to do with behavior, they are to let the teacher know if Eric is ready to be tested on his spelling words. The biggest difference with this new school is lots of homework. Mark made the comment tonight that the math was way beyond a Kindergartener. I reminded him that this was a gifted program. Let the fun begin!

Happy Friday and have a great weekend.

The boys watching TV together this evening ~


Anonymous said...

I hope Jack's treatment works. The picture of Jack and Eric is adorable. They look so much alike. Have an uneventful weekend!

Anonymous said...

Ann, I love the photos of your family and the natural way Jack is included. And you have such a good looking bunch, too!:) Im sorry to hear about Jack's bones. Allison has osteopenia and I've been worried before, but of course not like you need to e with Jack. She "bent" her tibia at age 5 (but I guess that beats breaking it) which is when we were really first aware of a problem. It sounds like good news on the Eric school front. I hope the challenges keep him from misbehaving. Have a great weekend. Deb (cariaad)

julie worthy said...

Poor Jack, it breaks my heart to put our kids through these things that upset them. I hate seeing Sam cry. Give Jack a big hug from us.
Glad to hear that Eric seems to be settling into the new school ok, hopefully this is just what he needs.


Melisande said...

Awe! I can't blame you for not doing more radiation treatment. Jack is a trooper, but he sure lets you know when he's had enough!

Things should continue to go well with Eric! Keeping him busy will keep him engaged and out of trouble!

Give your gang kisses and hugs from us!

Kerry said...

Yeah, I'd say the pouty lip would stop me from doing any more tx's. (but I do love pouty lip!)

I love the pic of the brothers. Pallies forever.

Love Kerry